It's Toy Fair time! And I just saw a lot of very cool Transformers toys.
Some of which I had the pleasure to contribute too.
Just an year ago, I helped the awesome Chris Hicks at visualizing a huge project: a new Metroplex! The sketches (which I hope to be able to post soon) were very crude, as we focused most on the features and the transformations. Exactly a year later, Metroplex is a toy! And a lot of visual cues translated directly from my sketch!
Enjoy Hasbro official pics, I can't be more excited about him! (And already dreading custom fees once I'll order him!)

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Mr. Yuck said...

Metroplex looks amazing! And introducing the new "Titan" size transformers! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Inhibitor said...

Proof you can't keep great talent down! Way to go Emiliano!! You're really starting to hit your stride with the Transformers. Please find a way to put up your design sketches ASAP!

Grimbot said...

What's with the gigantic chin?

Kup said...

These latest reveals by Hasbro have been very impressive. Well done!

I have almost given up on official toys ever being good again. Good to see good design quality and ideas coming back to the brand.

Anonymous said...

Alright, now get to work on a Trypticon who is forever cooler than Metroplex. ;)