Three Days of He-Man: Colors

After Pencils and Inks And here is the final colored He-Man illustration is complete!
This was much more of a moody piece than Teela, I hope I got it right.
I'm also posting a detail, as even if pretty big, some details gets lost at web size.

I will probably do more of those, as I said when I posted Teela, I'm considering doing one for each of the statues done by Pop Culture Shock (BTW, the He-Man statue is still available here!)
Also, most likely I will have this available as a print at conventions this summer, I'll keep you updated.

8 commenti:

Hangman.EXE said...

Aww, man!! I wish this was available i nwallpaper sizes for PC desktops as this is amazing looking.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic Work (as always, by the way).
You Sir indeed have the power.

Anonymous said...

As expected, it's a stunning piece of MOTU art.
I really love your rendering techniques Emi. I'm sure some seasoned colorists must feel a little jealous by now!

For the millionth times, Mattel has lost a lot by not hiring a superb talent like you.


Barbecue17 said...

Great work!

The shadowing really makes this picture incredibly interesting. And that lightning coming off of the sword? That is fantastic! Really, really great stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think his lower lip is a little large/over pronounced. Otherwise looks great.

Captain Wow said...

Another fantastic piece, Emiliano! I hope you're considering doing more in this series. These have turned out brilliant.

Granamir said...

Great job Emiliano! always the best!

Skeleteeny Weeny said...

Mattel not only lost out on a great artist, but the fans are missing out big time too.

Why more people won't speak out against the censorship on the popular MOTU forum and the disgusting business practices of Scott D Neitlich I will never understand