Transformers Concepts - Sideswipe

Okay, before I start diving into the Sea of Negativity™, let's try something different and take a look at some of my other works.
Here is a concept I did for part of the Transformers Franchise bible for Hasbro.

I did many of these guys, working along with Eric Siebenaler. At first I was working on his awesome sketches and developed this rendering tecnique painting on top of them. For the last bunch (which includes this one and the next I'll be posting) Eric trusted me in creating the desings from scratch for a few characters.

This was back in 2010, but, oddly enough, some of these designs and the same tecnique came back from the  huge job I'm doing now and that should be revealed in the following months  (to not create confusion, it isn't about toys)

All images are © Hasbro 2012 and used under authorization.

7 commenti:

Ken Christiansen said...

I never got to see this one - it's awesome!

JazzLuca said...

The perfect hybrid from G1 and Rotf Sideswipe! *__*

Grimbot said...

Looks like he's mutating into a goat.

WindBlade Zero said...

truly awesome, and yeah, the perfect mix between g1 and rotf

Anonymous said...

Great until you get to the legs. Give him normal G1 legs and he would be perfect

Anonymous said...

very good, but the legs are too movie-ish and also make him seem like a chicken-former. but overall, he looks great

Anonymous said...
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