Three Days of Teela: Inks

Following pencils from yesterday, here are the inks!
I haven't been inking for a while, and I get tired really fast when inking, because I want everything perfectly clean and sleek. But when the result is what I want, it's very satisfactory.
I took a lot of inspiration from Adam Hughes, but also from the work of my good friend Emanuela Lupacchino.
Stay tuned for the finished colored piece tomorrow!

7 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Looking good ! I just can't wait to see this finished, with colors and everything !

Anonymous said...

I knew you had something to do with PCS new statues!! :)

Shawn (aka Fallen Eldor) said...

Astonishing! I can't wait to see the colored version!

Emiliano said...

Anonymous: I was just inspired by the PCS statue :)

Anonymous said...

Pretty Good, and cannot wait for phase 3.
Your work is very inspiring.


Anonymous said...

E: but you draw the heman verzions when PCS asked what level of detail we want?

And you draw first b&w pic of Teela?
(same pose as this now)

Emiliano said...

Yep, I did that comparison pics of the various He-Man styles, but that was it.