Some Instagram MOTUC pics - Full resolution

Weather in Palermo is pretty warm, I just spent an awesome week with a good friend from Germany, and I have tons of Transformers work. So what is best time to get flu?
Oh well.
Since I got the iPhone, against all my friends's advises, I started taking some pics and quickly rework them with Instagram and now Pixlr. I think the challenge is to pick the best composition and take the best out of the limited tools. The limits of a phone app are not necessarily a bad thing. What cool stuff can be done with those? How to use them in clever ways, without just putting a silver on each pic? I don't know if I succeded at all in that, but surely I had lot of fun doing that.
The only I don't like is that both on Instagram and Facebook the pics are heavily shrunked down and compressed. So I thought to repost the full size files generated on the phone here (just click on them to enalrge)
Of course one of my favurite subjects are MOTUC figures. Here is a first bunch of them! Most are the first I did, and are pretty rough and uninteresting, but I think I started to get better with Castle Grayskull Man and Granamyr.
(Part 2)