Sketching the old pal

B&W sketch
 I'm always very jealous of my artists friends that find time to do sketches just for fun, and have the skills to just do awesome images in a few minutes. Being the perfectionist I am, I find very difficult to be happy with simple sketches, that's why I never likes the sketches I do for people at conventions.

But I was doodling in Manga Studio, trying figures designs, and I started sketching a Beast Man and then a He-Man. I kinda liked how he turned out. He is very "He-Man" for a lack of better description, LOL. By no means this would be my definitive version of the Eternian champion. Just a quick idea done for fun more than anything else. I really hope to do more, as I had fun doing it and I loved the freedom of sketching in Manga Studio with no concerns about making it a fancy piece of art.
And then I just discovered Instagram (I'm old I know...) and I liked sharing and filtering through that.
Color rendering
Instagram filter