Transformers 3 - Movie concept exploration 1

We're just starting to see the first glimpses of the new Autobots alt modes in TF 4, and the great folks at Hasbro just gave me permission to post some of the work I was lucky to do for Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon.

One of the most awesome thing that happened working with Hasbro design and IP team was that I was asked to create concepts for the movies. These are all preliminary stages images, when the company was still bouncing around ideas with the studio. I only did a few things, which, even if completely changed, ended up in the movie one way or another. I felt incredibly lucky at doing these as a toy design job suddenly become a movie previz job, something I could only dream about at that point.
Thanks the good people that believed in me, especially Aaron Archer, I got to do a lot more art for movies in the past few years and I will never thank them enough for such opportunity.
Looking at them now, they are pretty crude, but I learned a lot doing these.

This first image is meant to represent a new Autobot team engaging in a fire fight. No specific characters were defined at that time, we just wanted them to be new and cool. 
Below, you can also see the preliminary sketch that evolved in the final piece.


MOTUC Instagram full resolution part 2

ON a lighter note, here are more full resolution version of my Instagram MOTU pics!
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