Three Days of Teela: Colors

After Pencils and Inks And here is the final colored Teela llustration is complete!
Sorry if it took three days to post all this, but it was fun. I had completed the entire piece in 2 days, and it was ready on Friday. Still, even if I said an artist needs to know when to stop, thanks to my friends Alessandra and Emanuela, I went back and fixed the nose and adjusted the background colors a bit.
I'm sure you're wondering, will I do more of those? Maybe, I'm considering doing one for each of the statues done by Pop Culture Shock.
Also, most likely I will have this available as a print at conventions this summer, I'll keep you updated.

Coincidentally, Pop Culture Shock released pics of the final painted statue that inspired this illustration yesterday, and it looks amazing.
If you love it as much as me, you can Pre-order her beginning on Monday February 10th at 3PM Pacific Standard Time from the Pop Culture Shock website.


Three Days of Teela: Inks

Following pencils from yesterday, here are the inks!
I haven't been inking for a while, and I get tired really fast when inking, because I want everything perfectly clean and sleek. But when the result is what I want, it's very satisfactory.
I took a lot of inspiration from Adam Hughes, but also from the work of my good friend Emanuela Lupacchino.
Stay tuned for the finished colored piece tomorrow!


Three Days of Teela: Pencils

Inspired by the upcoming Pop Culture Shock Teela statue, and by Adam Hughes' Cover Run book I finally decided to buy, I started and finished, pencils to color, a Teela image.
I wanted to go back to the old comic book style inked image, which I haven't done forever.
I'll post the three stages in 3 days: today the pencils, tomorrow the inks and the colors on Monday.
It was fun, and reminded me of my love for MOTU (and for Teela, on which I had a crush when I was a little kid...)


Transformers Generations Cosmos

Time from another of my Transformers Generations figure designs!
Transformers Generations Legends Class Cosmos and Payload! These were done at the same time of Rhinox and Waspinator, but as the last ones. There was very little time to complete them so I had to rush just rough pencil sketch. Overall, they are the ones that turned out to be more different in the final product, especially Payload which Alt Mode was changed. I guess it was also due to the technical needs of the figures.
But lots of the details remained the same!
Next time, Rattrap!


Atlantic Galaxy's Dynatlon

You know what? To the hell with all the crap!
Yeah, I spend my time much better than dealing with that mess all the time

Do you remember Skyman?
Here is another piece I did based on the Atlantic Galaxy series, Dynatlon!

And here is the original figure he is based on: