He-Man secret files #4: Greetings from Trolla!

With some spare time in my hands, getting the blog updated seemed the right thing to do.
He-Fan are really appreciating the never revelead designs I'm posting here, so I feel so bad to not give them more and more often.
So here I am, hopefully I will post something new once a week, for the next month (but no promises!).

Those two designs had been created specifically for 

their brief cameo in MVCreations' Masters OF the Universe Vol. 3 #8, the last one on which I also plenned the plot, and beautifully illustrated by Fabio Laguna.
As usual the challenge was to redesign two classic characters, staying true to their orivial appearances and personality, but making them fit in the new line (so basically: what would Eric Tredaway do with them?).
I was pretty satisfied with the results: Dree-Elle has that exotic flavor to her while our beloved uncle Montork has become more like trollan version of Gandalf, which to me it's really fitting :-D
I hope you enjoy them!
If you're nice, I may start posting the Council of Wisdom members with the next update... ;-)