Atlantic Galaxy's Sky Man

The Original Sky Man figure 
Screw it, last post provoked such mess that sucked all the joy of sharing the bible after all these years.

So, let's move on something else, possibly funnier
Does anybody remember the Atlantic Galaxy line? I bet most of you don't, they were cheap popular toys in Italy and France... But they were really interesting!
You can educate yourself about them on AtlanticGalaxy.com, the site is in Italian but the pics are not.

I never had them but I was always fascinated by them. Chatting about them with my friend Marco Failla  made me want to try to illustrate them. Not really an update, but trying give them some modern concept art flavor.

Even if I like the aliens and the robots more, the first once I did was Sky Man, and I loved to reproduce that really old sci-fi look while updating it with textures and extra details. If people like this one, I will do more. And maybe also try to do a more extreme update of them. What do you think?

Sky Man - Click on the image to enlarge


The 2002 Comic Bible

After a long wait, I finally decided to make the 2002 comic bible public for all fans to read.

A few words about this bible and its history:
The original document was written by me with revisions by Val Staples and James Eatock in January 2008.
That means it's a document written outside the license, there is nothing official about it and it was never submitted to Mattel for approval. By all means, it's an unofficial collection of informations and ideas that was typed outside any kind of relationship with Mattel.

But although it was written years after the MVC license was expired, it collected mostly ideas and concepts I had developed for the MVC MOTU Comic book. Despite none of those ideas being put on paper or ever submitted to Mattel, almost all the plans for the comic presented in this document are indeed what we wanted to tell on the book at that time, they had all been developed by me (some even before my involvement with the 2002 comic) and it was established that we would have continued the comic with my story, giving me almost full freedom to write it. There was no pitching, no official approval process on MVC part. Just the regular back and forth on what to do next and how between me and Val. This is confirmed by this interview where Val Staples himself states this were indeed the official plans for the comic.
What happens in Vol 3 of the comic is also based on these concepts.

The document was printed and sent to the MOTU brand manager in good faith, to offer an idea of what at-the-time-in-developement new MOTU line (which eventually become MOTU Classics) could have been.
 I know for a fact there is no ground to prevent me from publishing my ideas.

The bible is a very bare bones document, nothing fancy and with images reused from other sources. It was never intended to be an engaging fiction, but just a collection of informations presented under a unifying concept that could have been used to create a spin-off/reboot of the MOTU brand.
It must be also noticed this was specifically written around the 2002 canon. Meaning that it isn't necessary my ultimate take on MOTU, just what we planned and would have done in that continuity.

I hope you enjoy it! To read the bible, click on the link below:

(if you're on a mobile device, I suggest to use your browser to read it and not the Blogspot app or Facebook app.)

If you can't access the document on Google Docs, also try this: ALTERNATE LINK

Also, He-Man fan Telkan2 compiled a list of info we leaked over the course of several years. It contains extra tidbits not present in the bible. You can check out his list here


Transformers Generations Rhinox

Directly from the Botcon reveals, here is the first design from the Generation figures I helped designing.
I worked on these with Joe Kyde. The process was pretty straight forward, so there aren't other sketches of alternate versions.
The kind of rhinoceros was changed for the final alt mode, but I think it was the right choice as it now looks a lot more intimidating than mine!
I loved doing Rhinox, especially trying to capture the right attitude, silhouette and the details form the cartoon, and i'm so happy to see it translated so faithful to a toy!


Divertessement 2

A more modern sci-fy take, but not changing silhouette much.



In those rare occasions where I have time between jobs, but it's too little to go on vacation, and too long to not get bored at the same time, I sometime try to get to draw stuff on my own.
I admit, I'm one of those guys.. for me drawing is always a painful process- I'd like to do more MOTU designs, in completely different styles to show the endless possibilites, but I find myself lost in trying to do too much in the little time I have.
So, sometime a more compelling approach I take is to focus on details.
This morning, I was playing with an old idea: what if a MOTU movie was designed like a big classical fantasy movie? I mean something elegant and magical like The Lord of the Rings.
What He-Man harness could look like? And then I doodled this :D