MOTUC: Pilots 2!

Ooops! Seems like I forgot about those two!
Last minute addition: the pilots from the Talon Fighter and the Roton box art from the Monogram Model kits!

MOTUC: Octavia

End of the run for the San Diego week!
This is one of may favourite, originally designed by Ted Mayer and appeared in a handful of Filmation episodes, Octavia is one of thoe Horde weirdo we love so much!
With bendable tentacles (possibly not made of the same material used for Snout Spout's trunk..) and weapons from the show!

Now I can finally have dinner, sit back, relax and enjoy all the reveals tomorrow :)


Today everything is working against me and trying to make me not post the other sketches!
I've been without power for almost the entire day and trying to catch up!
Fortunately, Icer is quick and easy. I quickly did an accessory too, but he may need more. Of course, translucent plastic is still a sensitive topic with MOTU fans...

MOTUC Fang Man

Last one for tonight!
After Shokoti and Madame Razz, I did 3 more Filmation characters and this is the first one: Fang-Man!
One more guy and one more girl coming tomorrow ! Now I'm off looking at MOTUC Granamyr pics!
-Updated with the accessories...-

MOTUC: Netossa

Second one for today!
Okay, I kind give her away with Peakblue. Both the colorful rebel and Netossa shared the same body in the vintage line. It would just make sense if the same would happen in MOTUC. (And same for me as I only sketched the same body once)
But with a few trick, not only she would still look different enough, but she could also be able to be displayed looking like the vintage toy or more like cartoon versiuon.
Just with a clip on mask! (no, no swapped forearms needed!)

Netossa has always been one of my favourite POP figure. I just love the color scheme and I always immagined her as very strong and imposing. I tried to incorporate that in my sketch, moving a bit from the more fragile and gentle look she has in the Filmation cartoon.
Somebody may remember that she was also the only POP character appearing in my old fan comic, Homecoming. Yeah, I definitely always had a soft spot for her!

MOTUC: Hover Robots

Bulding up the hype for San Diego again!
Todays' first sketch: The Hover Robots! Completely new tooling, but great army builder material, especially if sold with a variety or arm attachments!

MOTUC: Horde Invaders!

Some of you may remember an idea posted some time ago, about introducing in MOTUC two others body structures or "bucks", to allow a greater variety of figures and characters:

I had posted some figure designs based on these extra body bucks, including Ram Man, Tataran, Lizard Man and Prince Adam. But I also left the door open to even more reuse. One of the things I had in mind back then, was to create multipacks based on specifics episode of the cartoon. So why not a Horde Invaders 3-pack from The Origin of the Sorceress? This is just an example, but I plan to explore this idea further with more multipacks ideas!

That's it for today, I wish I had done more, but I couldn't, I'll try to catch up tomorrow!

MOTUC: Pilots! 1

Second round wating for SDCC reveals!
You probably have seen the Wind Raider Pilot when I posted my concept for the Water Rider. I promised to post it by himself and bigger.
Based on the generic pilot painted by William George on the famouse poster, a Wind Raider pilot could be a very ceahp figure to produce, with new parts being just the head and the armor. Replikor made a custom out of this design and used Icarius trunks instead of Man-E-Faces' ones. Those had not been sculpted yet when I drew the pilot, but I think the idea was awesome and I wish I had time to go back and modify my sketch!

Also, next to him, based on the Attak Track model kit box art by Monogram, the Attak Track driver! I tried to incorporate some of the AT stickers decoration in his armor, to link him more to the vehicle.

With these guys, we sorta have a hint of their look, and the fun was filling the blanks. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoied drawing them!

Now you're asking for the others? Mmmmmm...

MOTUC: Peakablue

Trying to rise the mood of all my fellow POP fans, especially all the great guys over at the Shadow Weaver's Realm,  the first sketch of the San Diego week had to be a POP figure
A shiny, colorful warrior from the Great Rebellion that would look great in our MOTUC collection: Peakablue!

Her desing was pretty easy, as the Filmation version is pretty close to the vintage toy. As usual the I used hairstyle and facial features from the cartoon, mixing everything else with the toy details. The tail, not necessarily limited by the old action feature, can now be muc bigger and imposing.

Oh, BTW, why Peakablue of all POP characeters? Well, her entire body was shared by another POP girl, so I'm gonna show how to do exactly the same in MOTUC and still stay close to both the cartoon and the toys.
This should give you enough hints about the next one... one the figures I really had a soft spot for ;)

Removed from He-Man.org

It is with great sadness that I officially announce I've been removed from He-Man.org since early June, and I'm not responsible anymore for the site or the forum. For a number of reasons, myself and the powers that be found ourselves at odds over the way in which the website should be run for the fans. I've had a wonderful ten years working on the website and am now looking forward to having the creative freedom to work on new and exciting projects with The Power and The Honor Foundation!


I did not officially announce this for almost a month, but recent discussions on facebook pushed me at releasing this today.

Since June the 6th, I've been removed from He-Man.org administrators against my will.
My access to Google Analytics has been removed.
My access to Printfection account has been removed.
Val Staples has blocked me on skype.
-UPDATED- My Adsense account has been replaced, and I've stopped receiving shares of the site profits from the advertisments ( Val Staples has still to complete paying his debt with me for the comic work I did ).
The Italian forum will be forced to migrate to another domain.
It was made clear that I'm not welcome at Power-Con unless I agree to certain conditions.

Previously, He-Man.org Server's password had been changed.
I had been removed from He-Man.org facebook page administrators.

I've received offerings for a different position on He-Man.org, at conditions for me impossible to accept, including agreeing or keeping these events confidential.
All my counter offers have been refused as well.

I was informed that all the graphics and logo will be changed and all I did for the site will be removed.

Reasons given  for these measures are my critiques about Mattel's representatives actions over the years. In general my removal should "set the right tone with Mattel" as my opinions are seen as detrimental for the good of the fan community.

He-Man.org has been part of my life for more than 10 years, in many ways, it's my creature, but was also my family, my home and the place where I met a lot of friends. All this has been taken away from me, and that hurts me a lot. Seeing the site changing and becoming something else than I envisioned, adds even more pain to the fact I'm being stolen of something that is mine too: my work, my time and my money.
I wish the community the best of luck, and a better future for He-Man.org.

Thanks for reading.