New Art #3: Transformers Armada chapter book cover

New art doesn't necessarily mean recent ;-)
This time it's a litte jump in the past: a small Transfromers Armada cover for a book I did probbly 3 years ago for MVCreations.
This isn't the only work I did for TF Armada. I will post something else and you may found somethign familiar...


New art non vuole necessariamente dire recente ;-)
Questa volta facciamo un piccolo salto nel passato: una copertina per un libro di Transformers Armada che ho fatto circa 3 anni fa per la MVCreations.
Non è l'unico lavoro che ho fatto per TF Armada. Posterò altre cose che potreste trovare familiari...

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Anonymous said...

e bravo Emiliano, non sapevo ti fossi cimentato anche con i TF!
Complimenti, il disegno e molto bello, sono curioso di vedere il resto della tua produzione "robotica" ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Emiliano --- did you do artwork on the short-lived Panini Transformers Armada comic? That style looks very familiar.

Anonymous said...

I remember those books. I think that was a cover to the chapter books we sold at the bookstore.

Dean Irvine said...

nice work as usual, mechas are one thing i would never attempt to try and draw, to technical for me. lol had enough of that in school.


Emiliano said...

Hey Dave!
Nope, I didn't work on that comic.
Beside this cover I did some work for the Armada Style guide, which has been used on several products, but I never had chances to test myself on a comic book.
Given the detailed style I was using at that time, drawing an etire page of TF woudl have been a nightmare!!

Anonymous said...

Was the style guide the three-part series with all the character profiles in it?

As an aside, it'd be great to see some of your artwork from when you were doing the last couple of issues of G.I. Joe.

Emiliano said...

The style guide is a document companies give to the licensors with images to be used on their products, they usally aren't available to the general public.
(you may knew that, I'm saying it for others reading this)
But I've seen some of my artwork from that used all over the place!

I may post some Joe stuff, I recently completed Snake Eyes declassified and I have tons of sketches, I just need to select something worth to be posted ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bearing that in mind - who were the villains around the table in that one scene in issue 6? Common consensus says Dr. Venom, Vance Wingfield, Derek Sutherland and Brian Hassell. Right or wrong?

Emiliano said...

That's correct, Dave :-)!