He-Man secret files #2: Might Bite!

I had to update this damn things!
I'm sure no one is looking at this page anymore, so I need to bump it with somethign unexpected!
I love designing new MOTU characters...
I designed many for the MOTU comic book but never get chance to draw them on sequential pages.
And since chances of them being ever produced in toy or staction form are next to zero and don't think it hurts to share a few of them with the fan.
I did this a few days ago just for fun and being Val much better then me with MOTU names, named this ferociuos Horde commander: Might Bite!

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J-Sun said...

He would make a very nice addition to the Evil Horde!

It would be great to see this character in 3-D as a custom figure or sculpture one day.

Terrific work!

Anonymous said...

Wow that's great.

He'd fit perfectly into the Horde.

But of course what else would I expect from Emiliano.

Emiliano said...

It's all your J-sun! ;-)

Phayart said...

I see him as a perfect "second-in-comand- with-bad-attitude" of Octavia, like the couple Catra/Grizzlor from Filmation! :)
Great Work as usual! :)

Andrew Cramer said...

He's looks gteat, and it's another sea warrior... maybe he'll bump into Uniquor eh? ;-) My only crit is that he is yet another character with an arm attachment! :-P Trap-Jaw doesn't feel so special anymore! LOL

Looking forward to more secret files Emil!

J-Sun said...

Eccellente! Primo, devo completare HE-RO (il vostro disegno),
SPIKOR ed alcuni altri. Definitivamente lo aggiungerò alla mia lista!
Grazie! :)

Emiliano said...

parli Italiano?!?!?! :-O

Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful that my Dashboard has a translator.

Looking forward to seeing those customs J-Sun.

I'm still digging this design one day later. Maybe in five years Mattel will be nice and loosen restrictions on a comic. Or we'll just see him as a Mini Statue.

J-Sun said...

Emiliano - Si, ma ultimamente, soltanto un poco...
Ho bisogno della pratica!

Cheers Tim - "molto presto" ;)

Dean Irvine said...

its a sweet design, the harpoon seems more like a attachable weapon rather than a permanent arm.

i love the idea of the horde getting fleshed out into various special areas such as navy and air force

Anonymous said...

Ehilà, Emiliano! Sono Fabio!

Ci si ribecca ancora, stavolta sul web!

Temevo avessi abbandonato il blog... sarebbe stato un peccato, vista la qualità dei disegni! Ottimo lavoro!!!

PS: niente in contrario che ti linko dal mio blog, vero? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love you artwork. I saw your She-Ra design on Bustatoons site. It was fantastic. I wish that there were more revamped images from her series. Do you have more that you've made?

Keep up the awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Love it Emiliano!

I think I speak for others when I say that we'd love to see even MORE of your concepts for new MOTU characters! Keep em coming, please!

ShawnQt said...

im a huge MOTU fan, interesting enough I came across your blog! I have always been on the message boards, but cool that you have a blog now! I will be reading!

Anonymous said...

i just came across your blog today (nov 9). please keep posting! i'd love to see more of your artwork--the masters stuff in particular.