He-Man secret files #4: Greetings from Trolla!

With some spare time in my hands, getting the blog updated seemed the right thing to do.
He-Fan are really appreciating the never revelead designs I'm posting here, so I feel so bad to not give them more and more often.
So here I am, hopefully I will post something new once a week, for the next month (but no promises!).

Those two designs had been created specifically for 

their brief cameo in MVCreations' Masters OF the Universe Vol. 3 #8, the last one on which I also plenned the plot, and beautifully illustrated by Fabio Laguna.
As usual the challenge was to redesign two classic characters, staying true to their orivial appearances and personality, but making them fit in the new line (so basically: what would Eric Tredaway do with them?).
I was pretty satisfied with the results: Dree-Elle has that exotic flavor to her while our beloved uncle Montork has become more like trollan version of Gandalf, which to me it's really fitting :-D
I hope you enjoy them!
If you're nice, I may start posting the Council of Wisdom members with the next update... ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't been able to get my hands on a copy of #8 yet, so seeing these is very exciting.

Oh and have you been working out. You're looking great in that photo (and I mean that in a totally hetero way with the intention of seeing the Council of Wisdom in all their glory).

Anonymous said...

amazing drawings - they look so heroic, so pure - what trollans should be!! :)

PLEASE post the council of wisdom, with names and bios!! :)


Nate Baertsch said...

These are Excellent Emiliano!
I love both of them! Ah, again what could've been, and what will hopefully be! :)


- Nate.

Dean Irvine said...

i knew i spotted them, when that issue came out. the update looks superb as always

Andrew Cramer said...

The Trollan race actually looks cool for a change! lol

Ysbrand said...

Ciao Emiliano!

Wow, i love your work. It´s nice to see new drawings of Masters of the Universe. Wish you a lot of luck (and work) as artist. I will come here often to see how are you doing. Bye!

Anonymous said...

Hi Emiliano,

I´m José from Spain.

I have just discovered your blog! I love your art-work for comic-books and your designs.

They are very pleasant for our eyes...

Thank you! :)

Chris Ryall said...

Hey, Emiliano, I'm the Publisher/Editor-in-Chief at IDW Publishing. I'd love to talk to you about something if you can drop me a line at chris@idwpublishing.com.

Thanks! Great piece, too.


Frank said...

Hey Emiliano,

I'm really happy that your getting a chance to do Spotlight Blaster for IDW, can't wait for it.
Apparently you had been recommended by many Transformers fans but Chris Ryall didn't know how to contact you, I knew of your blog and I told him about it and the rest is history.
Your an awesome artist, I loved your He-Man stuff. I'm not sure this is the proper place to ask this but....any chance you'd be willing to sell any of your original He-Man pages (Provided you still have them) I'd be interested in some (at least 1) It might be a while though, I'm currently short on cash.
Like I said, glad your doing Blaster, hopefully more to come. I'll leave my email if you wish or you can write back on here (about the pages.)
Sorry about so much writing, I do that sometimes...



Eddie Coelho said...

Holy Fuck....you are the best man!!!!

I really like to see your vision about the SPIKOR and NINJOR...."GOD BLESS THE EMI"....rs

Anonymous said...

Great works!!!

Anonymous said...

I really wished they continued the series. It would have been awesome to see some interaction between them and Orko
Let there be more Trollan love in the universe!