The Power and The Honor Foundation Reception

A very special message from The Power and The Honor Foundation:

Friends, Food & Art
We regretfully announce that The Power and The Honor Foundation will not be attending this year's Power-Con/ThunderCon convention. We had an amazing time last year, were able to share some incredible artwork, and more importantly, were able to meet and talk to other fans.

Unfortunately, we have been informed by the promoter of Power-Con that The Power and The Honor Foundation cannot be an exhibitor at this year's convention. The Foundation would still like to thank everyone for their support and contributions during our first year, and would still very much like to interact and share with other He-Man and She-Ra fans.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce the first annual Friends of The Power and The Honor Foundation Reception. The reception will be held on Saturday September 22, 2012 starting at 5:30pm in the Jasmines Room at the Torrance Marriott South Bay, 3635 Fashion Way, Torrance, California 90503.  We have the room until 1:00am so be prepared to relax, eat, and enjoy some time with friends.

As many of last year’s Power-Con attendees chose to either eat at the hotel’s bar or venture outside the hotel for dinner, we thought it would be nice to have a friendly on-site reception that allowed people to remain at the event hotel.

The Foundation will be giving FREE space to collectors to display art, toys, and merchandise in the room. Expect some great He-Man AND She-Ra artwork showcased for your enjoyment, including art from the personal collections of Mark Taylor, Josh Van Pelt, Emiliano Santalucia, James Eatock, James Sawyer, Mike Zolotrow and Lee Clevenger. Contact us if you have something in your collection that you would like to display!

For your $35 donation you will gain access to this private event and receive an assortment of finger foods as well as refreshments. The tentative menu includes chicken fingers, flatbread pizza, buffalo wings, and sandwiches & wraps. The room only holds 80 guests so be sure to secure your spot today!

  For those of you who can’t attend our reception but would still like to support The Power and The Honor Foundation please click the link below.

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bowspearer said...

I wish you all the best Emiliano. I'm definitely not surprised by this, but I am thoroughly disgusted to the core by it.

Unknown said...

Good luck to you and the foundation. I hope you get a great reception and appreciation for all your hard work.

All these events make me want to leave the other site for good. I just have very bad feelings about Mattel, and now the org. If they were upfront about it, that would be one thing. But it is swept under the rug over there, it is censored, and I can't help but feel things are going on that they are trying to hide.

I didn't subscribe this year because I just can't back Mattel, too many non-truths, too much greed and bickering and so many other things I won't even mention.

Maybe it is time to pack up my collection for a while and do my own thing. I just feel so sour about all this, and it mostly stems from Mattel, but now this happens too and I'm just sad.

I've always agree with Emiliano's passion for the brand and for him asking that the property be cared for properly. I dont' think the people who own it now have the property's best interest at heart. It's sad because I don't feel I have anywhere to turn to enjoy MOTU anymore except my own home.

To be ostricized for demanding the best for MOTU is just sad. People are willing to accept anything from Mattel just to get these toys. MOTUC has become more important than MOTU to many. And that's not right.

Anonymous said...

Emiliano, I think it time for you and Val to kiss and make up. It is time for hugs, and big, fat, sloopy kisses. Cop a feel or two. Don't be shy.

On a more serious note... I think it is time for you both to bury the hatchet. This is all going to far. I don't know why Val (aka: the Promoter) is telling you that you can't be an exhibitor at this year's convention (hey, money is money). But this whole "Friends of The Power and The Honor Foundation Reception" sounds like a bad idea. It only serves to pit people against one another, and no "spin" is going to convince me otherwise.

If you don't want to kiss and makeup, that is fine. But don't hold a party in another room when they are having a party/film fest (in the same hotel AND at the same time!) To me, that just isn't cool (especially to the people who have films being screened!) If anything, have your party on the Friday night. Don't crash someone elses party.

~Mike Collins

Emiliano said...

our dinner is not at the same time of the movie screening. We tried our best to fit it in between the other events. We talked to John Carrol (the author of the movie) before announcing our event and we asked him if we was cool, anbd he was. We'll surely invite everyone to go to see the movie and come back when it's ended. I understand not agreeing with us, but we're not crashign anyone's party. Lot of people would just go outside eating, this way, we are actually helping keeping fans in the hotel. Call it spin, but that's what going on and John Carrol can confirm it :)

bowspearer said...

Gee Mike, could you have been any more unfair to Emiliano here if you tried?

Here's the thing. The .org under VAL is gagging and banning people left right and centre on there who don't sing Mattel's praises like a pod person (including myself currently). The .org under VAL sent Emiliano packing. Powercon under VAL banned Emiliano and the Power and Honor Foundation.

It's great that you want to see the hatchet buried, but let's call a spade a spade here; the person swinging the metaphorical hatchet around like some crazed berserker in this case is VAL.

All Emiliano is trying to do is make the best of a bad situation here and I wish him all the best - as should everyone else.

If this causes Powercon to suffer and causes the .org to suffer, then it will be entirely due to Val. If you want this to end Mike, then you really should be having this conversation with him and not Emiliano.

Anonymous said...


I suspect Val reads these posts too, so I'm not being unfair to Emilianio. My post is really directed at both of them. If I posted this at He-Man.org, it would be deleted, so no point posting it there. But I do think someone has to take the plunge and try mending things. As a betting man, I put my money on the Italian guy to do so.


Anonymous said...

That is a shame. I do not feel like I know the whole story or enough details about this entire situation, but it is a sad state of affairs that whatever has happened is causing a "Mystical Wall" between two groups. Now it has led to the Foundation being shut out of Power-Con, and there are no winners there.

Despite whatever drama has exploded, both Emiliano and the Power and Honor Foundation have done a lot for MOTU fandom, and to be just swept aside is childish. Someone took to referring to Emiliano as "Mr X" on the Org boards the other day, and that had better not be a reflection of "official policy" now.

I hope things can be fixed. There is already enough stupid arguments over toy "factions" in MOTU, we don't need real life factions too.

Anonymous said...

Let's just hope someday Emiliano and Val able find peace and be good friends again. Without this drama what is waste of time.

TrueFanboy said...

This is tremendously sad. If I may ask, what started this feud between Emiliano and Val? I had no idea about it until I read about the Foundation being barred from Power-Con. :(

Bowspearer said...

Mike, your own argument here is self defeating as you've latched onto the problem in a nutshell- the prohibitive and almost paranoid censorial approach and attitude Val has decided to take with Mattel. The only real resolution, short of Val realising how foolish his chosen course of action has been, would be capitulation by Emiliano and that would only result in a situation where Val winds up getting his way. The problem with this is that you wind up with a MOTU community which is draconian, ruled by fear and which ultimately implodes due to those policies.

Furthermore I actually see things running their course as being a short term issue.

I can already predict what will happen here. At FOPAH, practically everyone will tell Emiliano he needs to start up a forum - something I suspect Emiliano has held off on doing for the simple fact that it will amount to "throwing down the gauntlet" as a friend of mine put it.

If Emiliano relents and sets up one for the Power and Honor Foundations (and boy do SO MANY OF US want this Emiliano), then while Val might initially not worry; he'd soon discover he was captain of the metaphorical titanic as so many people out there now want an alternative to the .org due to Val's new direction of draconian and sycophantic censorship.

Oh don't get me wrong, the .org would stay, but it would become a place that became increasingly isolated by an ever decreasing pool of due hards. I suspect the same might even hold true for FOPAH and I wouldn't be surprised if the demand was so great that Emiliano was forced to expand it into its own con next year.

Heck, if I was in the US and not Australia, I'd be booking into FOPAH in a heartbeat.

Anonymous said...

I's very disheartening to see close friends and hardcore fans split ways as a consequence of a business weasel like Toyguru and his involvement in the mix. I'm a big fan of the brand, and I've been a member of the Org since the Classics line has started, but Emiliano's departure from the forums' discussions and RGD had a negative impact on how I view the community these days! And now this!!!? What a shame!
IMO Emiliano's honesty, endless hard work and his wonderful foundation should've been put before any Mattel's wishes and conundrum! Fans like him made the brand survive to this day in spite of Mattel's clumsy attempts to destroy it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Emiliano, I would still love you to do a reprint of the book as I missed out on the the first print. Is this something thats being considered?

Anonymous said...

A few years ago if asked if Val and Emiliano should be employed by Neitlich to work at Mattel I would have said yes.
This was principally because Emiliano helped the 4H make the pitch to Mattel about doing the MOTUC line while Val had created the basic model Matty copied in MVC's online sales some years ago.
Emiliano offered his services - services already plundered by Neitlich for free in the form of research and archiving - and was told to send a CV like an undergradute looking for a Summer job.
Val has been more Macchiavellian, siding more and more with Neitlich until a vocal, American based lobby was ranged against Emiliano. Val bounced Emiliano from .org and has kept the remaining Roast Gooblers in line with the implication that complete ostracization could befall them.
Perhaps Val thinks he's going to land a job at Mattel considering how many friends and values he's sacrificed to the great god Neitlich. I think he will be sorely disappointed. Come the end of 2013, MOTUC shall have shut up shop and Toyguru will continue his ambitiously clever - but bull-dung strewn - climb up the corporate ladder. Maybe not in film like he thought links with WB and Sony would land him but somewhere up there.
I'm through with this line and with Mattel. He-Man.org has become a joke - there was a time when discussion of Chinese workers' rights or original Mattel design fired those boards. Now it's just a gullible fan-run shop window for ToyGuru.
And Val, Toyguru isn't going to promote anyone from fan ranks to come work for him. He's maybe doling out the free figures - but what a cheap price for hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free publicity and market research org has done. Toyguru is like the company from the movie 'Avatar'. Goes in, pretends to be one of you, interacts (podcast) pinches mimics ideas and knowledge (Pixeldan's videos - even catchphrase! - and Emiliano's background research an designs) then leaves.
Goodbye He-Man.org You were good once. It was sweet once. Treat people with respect and act without agendas and maybe something like the old days could return.
"Bad journey" at the moment though...

Anonymous said...

Party crasher... lol

slackrguy said...

I had to cancel my Power-Con trip a few weeks ago but I have a question about your venue. You mention art from the collections of a few noteworthy people, but will they be in attendance to answer questions about the artwork? Is there music at all? Haha, you could remix Filmation atmosphere/story progression music into some nice ambient lounge-y background stuff! Just a thought. :D

Anonymous said...


As much as I really can't speak for what's going on between you two, but it's gotten way out of hand. I'm gonna send Val a PM. Not like I have any sway, but I'm going to put my two cents in.

Anonymous said...

You guys should have a booth. That is just silly. this is suppose to be a Con for the fans. Having you not be able to go will only hurt sales for the Con in 2013.

Anonymous said...


Emiliano, what's really going on with the Power and Honor Foundation and Mattel?

Anonymous said...

Are you going to have any of your own prints for sale?? I'd love to buy some & even get them signed by the best MOTU artist.