Transformers: Mudslinger with Decepticons

Continuing this quick gallery of  toy I helped designing, one of the early assignments I got from Hasbro was to come up with the vehicles that I would have later on learnt being part of the Powercore Combiner Mudslinger with Decepticons.
Not too loved by fans, I think this was the first actual product released on which I had worked and it was incredibly exciting!

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JazzLuca said...

Fuck that fans, I LOVED the PCC!! ^__^

bowspearer said...

So in other words, they were "perfume on a pig" Emiliano? :-P

I think what you've brought up is a classic example of what's wrong with the power core combiners.

The drones were cool, but the actual Transformers and concept execution was a bit of on the screwy side. Fans and kids alike love combiners, but Energon Optimus Prime's drone gimmick was quite unpopular. So Hasbro as per usual go for the unpopular version of combiners. That's where a complaint often gets leveled at the drones (that they don't transform), but to me that part of it comes down to personal taste.

Then you have the body of the combiners. Where in engineering they weren't suffering from things like weak ball joints (I even saw it happen on a video review of all places), the combiner cubes, bright flouro blue cubes, always would up being kibble in both robot and vehicle modes. The upshot is that the combined mode was the only mode where they looked good in.

It's a pity too, because the concept itself is interesting - it just suffers from some really shoddy execution.