Sketching the old pal

B&W sketch
 I'm always very jealous of my artists friends that find time to do sketches just for fun, and have the skills to just do awesome images in a few minutes. Being the perfectionist I am, I find very difficult to be happy with simple sketches, that's why I never likes the sketches I do for people at conventions.

But I was doodling in Manga Studio, trying figures designs, and I started sketching a Beast Man and then a He-Man. I kinda liked how he turned out. He is very "He-Man" for a lack of better description, LOL. By no means this would be my definitive version of the Eternian champion. Just a quick idea done for fun more than anything else. I really hope to do more, as I had fun doing it and I loved the freedom of sketching in Manga Studio with no concerns about making it a fancy piece of art.
And then I just discovered Instagram (I'm old I know...) and I liked sharing and filtering through that.
Color rendering
Instagram filter

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slackrguy said...

That's pretty nice. I get a "cradle of civilization" vibe from him and it is kind of a fresh take on him, to my knowledge.

The detailing on his belt & bracers looks different too. Updated but still encompassing elements seen before.

Thank you for sharing this drawing.

ToonJukka said...

Remember to share your Beast Man art too. Can't wait to see how you tackle Teela. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, please share your Beastman, Emil! Finally figured out Instagram, huh? They have a lot of great filters, be sure to play around with it. What's your Instagram username? I'd like to follow you, as I'm sure others would too. Thanks, Emil! You're the best. -Danny

Emiliano said...

Thanks guys! Danny, my Instagram name is santalux75.

Orcbane said...

Reinforces to me that you are Planet Earth's number one He-Man fan and the true leader of MOTU fandom.

Anonymous said...

Wow Emiliano, you rocked this one out of the deep universe!
I hope one day you get to produce a knock off fantasy toy line in the vain of MOTU, but only better...
The world of fantasy toys needs someone with you talents...