Three Days of Teela: Pencils

Inspired by the upcoming Pop Culture Shock Teela statue, and by Adam Hughes' Cover Run book I finally decided to buy, I started and finished, pencils to color, a Teela image.
I wanted to go back to the old comic book style inked image, which I haven't done forever.
I'll post the three stages in 3 days: today the pencils, tomorrow the inks and the colors on Monday.
It was fun, and reminded me of my love for MOTU (and for Teela, on which I had a crush when I was a little kid...)

8 commenti:

Anonymous said...

That's Great piece, Emiliano.

Lee Eckert said...

Teela looks beautiful! Nice job!

The Original G-Man said...

Man, I miss seeing more of your MOTU art. This is a very nice piece.

ToonJukka said...

You gotta post a high-resolution version of the final inked version, Emiliano. :D

Emiliano said...

I deleted a comment by mistake, this is what was posted:

The Original G-Man:
Man, I miss seeing more of your MOTU art. This is a very nice piece.

I'm sorry, I will never post full resolution of my art, we know too well what happens even with low rez, so I don't want to take extra risks.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! This Filmation Teela looks really good ! Excellent work, Emiliano !

Will you color her and post the final result later on ? It would be so cool !

Emiliano said...

It says it up there: today the inks and tomorrow the colors ;)

Anonymous said...

Awesome once again Emiliano. :-)