Three Days of He-Man: Pencils

After finishing my Teela piece a couple of weeks ago, I was still so pumped about doing some new MOTU art (and extremely flattered by the overwhelming good response), that I wanted to do more right away!
I'm loving these Pop Culture Shock statue so much that I decided to take on the man himself, He-Man! (hem...)
Inspired by the great statue they are producing, this was a real challenge. Not super difficult per se, but I had to make justice to the most iconic image of He-Man, the transformation from the cartoon. I hope I succeeded, or at least got close enough.
Like for Teela, I'll post the three stages in 3 days: today the pencils, tomorrow the inks and the colors on Wednesday.

4 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Killer as usual. I can't think of anyone who does more justice to ANYTHING motu related as you Emiliano. (even the 4 horsemen) ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Looking forward to the progression.


Inhibitor said...

You should keep a copy of the black & white and sell it side by side with the colors. Love the contrast!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous start as always Emiliano. What a perfectionist!