The Covenant of Primus: Megatron

When The Covenant of Primus was released, the Megatron design I had done for the  Transformers Binder of Revelations was finally revealed.
This piece of concept art was originally done in 2009, as part of the new TF brand bible.
Once more I was working under Eric Siebenaler's directions along with Aaron Archer's (whow, it was so much time ago that my memories are starting to fade away!).
Under those directions, I created it blending elements from a previous sketch I had done and another artist's ideas (the blacked out face and the axes on the back).

The concept was first only used fort the bible, but it was then sent out as reference for other media. He was the model we used for The Ultimate Pop-Up Universe and the one the other artists used for the Covenant of Primus illustrations, where it also appeared in tis full glory.
I didn't get to do the Alt Mode, which was done by Ken Christiansen and can be seen here.

As a bonus, here is also the "pencil" sketch. From that one I went straight to color devising the technique that I would have later used on the Pop-Ups. But at that time, this took me 4 days!

3 commenti:

Sauro Quaglia said...

Mamma che bello!
L'ho visto linkato su "seibertron" e mi ha colpito!

Anonymous said...

Very wonderful shapes for this Megatron ! How big will the final product be ? Oh, and will they experiment with different colors ? I enjoyed the colorful vintage toys, so I just wonder... I noticed I tend to buy the bright colored toys, and to give up on more "realistic", rusty, darker stuff. It must be something I kepy from my childhood...

Emiliano said...

As said in the description, this is not for a product but just an illustration for the brand bible :)