My dream MOTUC Signature Series collected

Originally appeared on Facebook as daily posts, I decided to collect this series of MOTU concepts on my blog as well, so you can see them all in one place at once.

With all the talks about a possible rebrand of the Classics line of figures for 2016, I wanted to explore what I would personally like to see.

I then created a series of B-Sheets portraying a line-up of figures, based on MOTUC molds, but reworked to offer new versions of the main characters, offering a jump-in point for new collectors. Released as a full year line, they would probably work mixed with other unreleased characters, appealing to the existing MOTUC collectors too.

Going by the name of the line "Signature Series", a name mentioned by the former MOTU brand manager echoing the latest DC Signature Series, I envisioned a line of figures that pay a big homage to the original creators of the line. Most of the figures I sketched are redesigned to reflect as much as possible the original B-Sheets that Mark Taylor created in 1981.
Which mean, they are not really my own designs, but they are what originally generated MOTU, as Mark was the creator of all the main characters.

Mind you, you may not recognize some of this stuff, or think some of the color scheme are pretty arbitrary. They are not. Everything is based on the original Mark's colored drawings I had the privilege to see a couple of years ago and that hopefully will be published in one of the future The Power and The Honor Foundation publications.

But why not go completely wild and just design figures that look exactly like the b-sheets, with different bodies etc.? Because I tried to design a complete and affordable line up of figures that could be released over the course of an entire year and remain affordable especially since this would be what rebranding means: bringing back main characters for people that missed out, but using most of the existing molds and changing line name and packaging

That also means, some figures have more new tooling, and cost more, some would have less, and cost less but help fitting the higher-tooling ones in the budget.
It’s how MOTUC worked since day one.

A few extra notes: rebranding the line means mostly the following things:
-Refreshing the “appearances" of the line, by changing mainly the line name and the packaging.
-Reusing as much as it’s possible existing tooling
-Bringing back the main characters.
You may not want that because you already have them, but that is not how the marketing works for those things. A “rebranded” line will supposedly try to catch up with collectors that didn’t buy this line in the first place, or that got into it too late and can’t find or afford the first releases anymore, all this while appealing to a portion of the existing customer that will buy again the main characters.

Now, mine is just an idea of many possible. I approach it with a very nostalgic and historical eye. I don’t think this is the best possible, it’s just what I’d love most.
Also, this idea was originally what I would have loved for the 30th anniversary line.

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Unknown said...

Excellent work as usual.
I love the history of MOTU, so is these designs were made in figure form, I'd scoop them all up ASAP.

Barbecue17 said...

Nice work, Emiliano! I've been reading back through the P&HF catalog again and I think you've really nailed some of these designs. Teela and Man at Arms are especially appealing. All I know is that I want a figure with the removable boot dagger! I love that detail!

Barbecue17 said...

I was looking over these again and now I have a question: Any clue as to why Beast Man was originally named Tree Man? Was it because he is a jungle/ ape like creature who would presumably swing from trees into battle?


Anonymous said...

no thanks, cheap repaints of figures.

I think I am done with Mattel.

Anonymous said...

These are amazing! I really want that helmeted head for He-Man.

I think you forgot to color the top fringes of He-Man's loincloth though - the ones that peak out over the top of the belt.

Anyway, these are great and I'd buy them up in a heartbeat if Mattel made them

Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY I'd buy these and buy the same variant characters over again...MOTU Classics is the definitive line

Emiliano said...

You don't have to buy anything, this is just fan art.

Anonymous said...

No I don't have to buy anything, but what you personally would like to see kinda stinks and I hope it doesn't give Mattel any ideas if we get a 2016 line.

Emiliano said...

Thanks for coming here to insult me :)
I guess you found someone to blame when Mattel will do something similar.
If you took the time to read what I wrote you would have learned what rebranding usually means and why, if Mattel proceeds with its plan, you will most likely get new versions of main characters.
But it's easier to think that I gave them this bad idea, isn't it? ;)

Anonymous said...

"No I don't have to buy anything, but what you personally would like to see kinda stinks and I hope it doesn't give Mattel any ideas if we get a 2016 line."

I strongly disagree. These are Mark Taylor's designs, and he was a great designer. MOTU wouldn't exist in any recognizable form without him.

I'm not strong on Man-E-Faces (except maybe some of the actual faces he has), but the others are very strong.

Unknown said...

Anyone with half a brain that collects action figures would realize that rebranding means some type of refresh/variant of existing figures.(My #1 choice would be now rebranding & just a continuation of MOTUC, but Mattel was the one that said MOTUC will be done).
With the original mini-comics as my favorite iteration of MOTU, these designs are right up my alley. Maybe if Filmation MOTU was my fave, then I'd like more designs like that Filmation Teela.
......Or I could just anonymously bash. ;)

Shawn (Fallen Eldor) said...

I would prefer "Alcala" styled figures just because I've wanted them longer. It's nice to know what Alcala was drawing FROM. The original Master! (one of them at least...) Some of The B&W B sheets where shared ages ago (2007 IIRC?) I hope one day these color ones can see print in a book or digitally. I think what Emiliano has presented is best fit for a 35th anniversary line going forward. (2017 for those who don't know) AFTER the original color B-sheets are public, so we can all see what Emiliano sees! :D ;)


Anonymous said...

Excellent ! can you do more filmation MOTUc concepts please ??