TF Age of Extinction Slog

I kinda neglected the blog...
With the work on the Dark Horse book and tons of other stuff to do, it's just easier to post on Facebook.
But I still want to post my official works for Hasbro here.

Here is something interesting.
I did some work on AEO Slog. But this time, the basic design for the figure had been done and Takara had already figured out the 3D shapes and transformation (I had missed designing this from scratch because I was too busy with other assignments).
But the figure was lacking details, so I was contacted for a job called Surface Detailing.
Basically, working on images of the 3D model, I had to redesign and improve the look of the figure, in this case making it more organic and in line with the other movie figures.
It was a quick pass, but still funny and challenging.

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