He-Man secret files #3: Illumina!


The original concept for the mysterious new characters supposed to appear in the MVCreations MOTU comics, Illumina!

These are my original sketches for her and her panther, plus the turnaround I did as reference for a custom bust.

9 commenti:

Andrew Cramer said...

Wow Emil this is great!! Exactly what Ive been wanting to see. Great turnarounds too!

Phayart said...

Great work as usuall! :)
Just a question: She's a Gar or simple a "blue-skin-pointed-ears-lady"?

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much for posting these.

It's so cool to finally get a good look at her.

Dean Irvine said...

superb work as usual, its great to see some of the behind the scenes stuff.

Jafari Stew said...

I love this illustration, everything looks authentic & fantastic for her design Emil! Thank you so much for sharing this & revealing some of the MOTU mystery!

jazylh said...

Amazing Work!! I loe how you've based the pose of her cat off the clasic battle bests pose. Illumina is an Awesome character.

jazylh said...

Everything about this concept screams Awesome! And I especially like how you based her cat's pose off the classic Battlecat/Panthor figures. Really makes it look authentic. Illumina is such a great character. I hope we se more of her.

Anonymous said...

Grande Emiliano!
Per la lancia di Illumina ti sei ispirato a quella di Tekkaman?
La somiglianza c'è, ed avendo io la tua stessa età, dubito sia una coincidenza!
Comunque, per me sei il più grande e promettente fumettista italiano, keep up the good work!!

Emiliano said...

Un po' si, non tanto magari per il design, quanto per l'idea stessa di lancia a doppia lama, Tekkaman ersa semplicemente troppo figo!
Grazie dei complimenti!