MOTUC: Netossa

Second one for today!
Okay, I kind give her away with Peakblue. Both the colorful rebel and Netossa shared the same body in the vintage line. It would just make sense if the same would happen in MOTUC. (And same for me as I only sketched the same body once)
But with a few trick, not only she would still look different enough, but she could also be able to be displayed looking like the vintage toy or more like cartoon versiuon.
Just with a clip on mask! (no, no swapped forearms needed!)

Netossa has always been one of my favourite POP figure. I just love the color scheme and I always immagined her as very strong and imposing. I tried to incorporate that in my sketch, moving a bit from the more fragile and gentle look she has in the Filmation cartoon.
Somebody may remember that she was also the only POP character appearing in my old fan comic, Homecoming. Yeah, I definitely always had a soft spot for her!

2 commenti:

slackrguy said...

Great concepts for her armor and helmet! I also like the toy hair color w/ Filmation styling.

I hope she gets a trident, she totally reminds me of a gladiator due to her net theme.

Michael Lynn P. said...

I love Netossa and the drawing you did with her. I hope we see her soon, her original release was so difficult to find. Your design perspective makes total sense too. Let's cross our fingers for Netossa!