MOTUC: Peakablue

Trying to rise the mood of all my fellow POP fans, especially all the great guys over at the Shadow Weaver's Realm,  the first sketch of the San Diego week had to be a POP figure
A shiny, colorful warrior from the Great Rebellion that would look great in our MOTUC collection: Peakablue!

Her desing was pretty easy, as the Filmation version is pretty close to the vintage toy. As usual the I used hairstyle and facial features from the cartoon, mixing everything else with the toy details. The tail, not necessarily limited by the old action feature, can now be muc bigger and imposing.

Oh, BTW, why Peakablue of all POP characeters? Well, her entire body was shared by another POP girl, so I'm gonna show how to do exactly the same in MOTUC and still stay close to both the cartoon and the toys.
This should give you enough hints about the next one... one the figures I really had a soft spot for ;)

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AJ bartley said...

Wow! Ok now thats what the world needs now! Love Her Emiliano, as you say the later filmation models were so much closer to the Vintage Figures, thats its just a matter of detailing as opposed to complete redesign!

And I love the hair, The dolls all basically had the same hair (glimmer excluded) so the Cartoon really helps define the character thrugh the hair.

But my favorite part of it is the pop (pun intended) of Orange on the bracers. Thats the attention to detail that shows you're understanding of these gals in both their forms...and how they look as the best of both worlds!


slackrguy said...

Her face is simply lovely, just lovely.

I have consistently favored Peekablue's Filmation design over the toy design but parts of your drawing have won me over. Namely the bracers, I really like your take on her bracers. However, I still love the rich blue of the Filmation feathers with 7 big feathers with just the "eye" painted on. The toy feathers never did it for me :(

Do you envision the belt being a seperate piece like on Trapjaw? The hanging draped piece of her skirt is part of both her designs, but I've always been concerned on MOTUC form it would hinder her sitting on Crystal Moonbeam like the longer male loincloths on the BC, Panthor & Griffin. Your thoughts?

She shares many parts with Netossa, no? Would you paint her shield with colors similar to her bodice? Any thoughts on a 2nd accessory? Does the use of mettallics pretty much pull from the toy design being on her feathers, belt, & skirt or am I wrong about the belt and skirt?

Darkspecter said...

I absolutely LOVE her Emil! This is exactly how I suggested she be made in MOTUC. I really hope she looks like this! :D

Shawn said...

perfection! Though I do share slackrguy's fear of her ability to sit. This is why I wish softgoods would be utilized in MOTUC. Considering the low cost of tooling, I'd like to think Mattel would pack in Loo Kee.

Stu C said...

This is just perfection Emiliano! She's everything she should be and more, resembling both the cartoon AND the vintage figure, which is exactly how all the MOTUC figures should be! Bow and Fisto really set the bar for me in terms of design and quality and this concept for Peekablue easily matches those in terms of hybrid design and updating. LOVE her.

Darkspecter said...

I just thought of something that might please slackrguy...what if the BACK of Peekablue's feathers were the Filmation design...so customers could flip the feathers and decide which design they liked best?

slackrguy said...

DS, I'd take that :D