Great Rebellion print
Evil Horde printFor my non-appearance at Power-Con, I have prepared two new prints to complete last year's set of Filmation style Heroic Warriors and Evil Warriors. Fans really wanted me to complete the two missing factions and my trip to Los Angeles was the perfect occasion to finally do them, and have the Great Rebellion and The Evil Horde in quality art print form, totally Filmation style!

Even if not allowed to have a table at Power-Con, I'll be around  all the time, and the prints will be available outside the Convention floor and at The Power and The Honor Foundation reception.
I will also bring back the few copies left of last year's prints, you can see them all below here.
Each art  prints measures 42 x29,7 cm, and it's printend on high quality paper.
See you in LA!

Since I've got many advance requests for these prints, please refer to this page for all the instruction!
Thank you!

4 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Those are TIGHT, Emiliano! LOVE them! How much are you selling them for? Can we get them signed?

Emiliano said...

Hi, I've added a page with all the informations about the print. Click o the Art Prints tab on top, or just follow this link:
Thank you!

Mr. Shokoti said...

Beautiful work as usual & I love the character selection as well(although I wish there was enough room for Battle Cat in the MOTU print). I usually don't buy artwork or prints, but I might have to scrounge up the money for these.

Johnson said...

Is She-Ra standing on Glimmer's foot?