The ToyFare Interview

Enjoy the interview about our work on the 2002 MOTU comic by clicking on the images!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emiliano,

thanks for posting this interview. I'm waiting for this so long - and looking forward to the MVC-Bible sooner than later.
Greetings from Austria
PS: Some of your old pics from "He-Man secret files" on the blog aren't available anymore.

Emiliano said...

Thanks for the heads-up!
I'll eventually go back and fix those, I just fixed an old Transformers Armada post :)

Mike said...

You guys had a much better storyline than anything that Mattel has since come up with. It's a shame the rug got pulled out from under you because you had a lot to offer that certainly would have improved the existing mythos. So sad the way this all went down, especially with the article referring to you and Val as "the dynamic duo".

13977 said...
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Matt said...

I remember getting this issue of TF just for this interview.
Please, please do release the bible, I've been waiting years to read it. I was so excited when you guys announced it was going to be released then so disappointed when it was announced you could no longer release it :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks to sharing these with us. Fun to read such infomation, Emiliano.

Anonymous said...

I was expecting something outrageous - we've heard so much about this interview but... I really don't see anything in it that would upset Mattel.

Emiliano said...

They use the excuse they own the story (which they don't) so, I'm reveling secrets, and that's why they are mad. Of course they just don't want people to know what my story was about.

Anonymous said...

If they didn't want people to know what your story was about, then I guess they lost that battle. ;)

There were good ideas in there, and it could have brought interesting stories. I don't see anything that's worthy of the hell Mattel put you through, but I must say that most of the time, Mattel doesn't make much sense at all.

I'd be more than happy to discover the MVC-Bible, so I hope it shall be posted soon.

Oh... Also, I think Mattel's claim that they "own the story" is yet another proof of their totalitarian ways, because it's like saying that you can't have any idea of what the mythos could or should have been. Ultimately, thought-control seems to be one of Mattel's purposes, and I cannot support such fascism.

Khror / Ulkhror (France) said...

Thanks a lot to share this interview Emiliano!

And can't wait to see the bibble as well!

That's really cool to see your blog updated so often! Back in the days (He-man.org time) there wasn't any news.

I'm really happy to be able to follow you now!

Bianchi said...

Ciao Emiliano

I have to say this is a great interview,but so short, I want to read more and more!There is some amazing ideas there. I always heard about the bible and how good it is, but now reading this preview I guess the thing is so much better than I ever imagined, It could have been the ultimate MOTU canon, I can't wait for the bible post!

Nefty said...

I really don't see what was so offensive that Mattel had to get angry at you and Val... All I see is that you guys wanted to go in one direction, but Mattel wanted you to go in a different direction. Something that happens often in comics.

What happened to MOTU being an "avatar of the imagination"? I want to read more about the Avatar of the imagination of you and Val.

Why is Mattel so afraid of this "Fan Fiction"? The little tidbits revealed seem to be similar to thoughts that fans use in their own "play universes".

Emiliano said...

There was nothing "in" the story that upset them.
Somebody at Mattel simply doens't want me to talk about my ideas, doens't want me to be involved with MOTU, doens't want me to contribute in any way.
The "concern" about the story revealed was that fans may have like it more than the Classic bios.

K.A. said...

What a douche move by mattel. Cool blog n thx for sharing.

Whiplash said...

Some of the ideas I like, some I don't, but they are all interesting and perfectly reasonable for the time period in which they were produced. Thanks for sharing.

Alex The Kid said...

After reading this interesting article I feel really depressed and upset that Mattel won't allow someone with such a passion for the MOTU franchisee to FINALLY expand and fill in so many plot holes in the canon.
I sincerely hope that you are able to share the full story with the fans one day Emil.
Thank you for all your effort. I look forward to the day when MOTU isn't laughed at for being such a mess and the tale of the He-man/She-Ra universe is full and rich with a comprehensive story and solid characters.

Executioner said...

So it's not really "Mattel" that is the issue, it is the ego of Toyguru. What a sad, petty and shallow individual.

Anyway, great story Emiliano! Looking forward to reading the bible!

Anonymous said...

y is comment by 13977 removed by author? u are author of this blog.

only borg deletes comments.