Transfomers: Thundertron!

Thundertron is a project I'm very proud of . He was a character I worked on more than a year ago and he has now become a real toy, in the form of the mighty Thundertron, leader or the Star Seekers, a new Transformers faction appeared in the Exodus novel!

I was honored to develope Thundertron along with the great Transformers design team, and seeing my drawings translated verbatim to toy form by Takara and Hasbro, in the main Transformers line is absolutely awesome!

Not only Thundertron is exactly like my sketch in robot mode, but the beast mode is exactly the same too! That blew me away: the folks at Takara and Hasbro have been able to make the transformation happens without changing any detail from the concept. They are really masters of toy making and it feels great to be involved in such amazing creations!

Here you can find a great gallery of the figure.

5 commenti:

Anonymous said...

I like this transfomer's colors and design.

Ken Christiansen said...

You have the remarkable ability to draw something - brand new, from scratch - and it looks like you traced a toy that already exists. Even though you were the first step in a long process going through lots of hands, you make everyone's job easier. That thought crosses my mind every time I'm given work to do based on your stuff. Excellent!

Emiliano said...

Awww man! This is one of the nicest thing that have ever been said about my work! Thank you so much!
And now I'm dying to know and see what you did based on my stuff! :D

Tets said...

I love the look of this guy, and that pirate insignia is cool. What are the chances of you posting up some concept drawings and stuff? :D

Emiliano said...

I just got persmission from my boss, I will try to post it today or tomorrow :)