Waspinator, Rhinox and Cosmos!

What's better than waking up, checking news from Botcon and finding out Hasbro has just presented 3 figures you have designed?!

Today, for the first time, I saw pics of some new toys I helped designing. More than one year ago, I worked with Joe Kyde to create new designs for a few Transformers Generations figures and among those there were Rhinox, Waspinator, Cosmos and his little sidekick Sky-High
Especially with the Beast Wars figures, the goal was to make them as close as possible to their cartoon counterpart.
I will be checking with Hasbro the possibility of showing the original sketches, stay tuned!

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Kup said...

That is fantastic! Those toys were the highlights in the Generations announcement. You did an outstanding job with Rhinox in particular and Waspinator looks great too. They are must buys once the Takara Tomy versions are released due to the much nicer paint jobs.

A lot better than that lackluster Universe Cheetor we got a couple of years back!

Too bad the Blitzwing mold didn't turn out as good - That thing is awful! Thankfully Springer and Sandstorm redeems Hasbro as they are both fantastic.

David said...

Those look great!

And I disagree about Blitzwing, I was SERIOUSLY tempted by him when I saw him in the store last week!

kup said...

You'll know what I mean about Blitzwing when you buy and try to transform him. It seems that he is more of a beta release as he has so many unnecessary flaws. Also aside from the robot mode, neither alt mode works well as they are too many gaps.

G1 Blitzwing despite the lack of articulation, is a much better toy.

JazzLuca said...

Great job! The BWs look awesome, and I love the idea of the Micromasters as little Targetmaster partners!! ^_^

Orcbane said...

Incredible - excellent designs but then I would expect nothing less than that from you, maestro!

Anonymous said...

I'm not particularity a Transformer toy collector by any means, but I might pick up just these and try one day to recreate them in the medium that I'm mostly familiar with. ;-)

Emiliano, you simply rock.


Tets said...

Wow, you helped with Cosmos? Looks great. Old Green and fat was my very first figure, so he has a soft spot in my heart.

Looks great!!