In those rare occasions where I have time between jobs, but it's too little to go on vacation, and too long to not get bored at the same time, I sometime try to get to draw stuff on my own.
I admit, I'm one of those guys.. for me drawing is always a painful process- I'd like to do more MOTU designs, in completely different styles to show the endless possibilites, but I find myself lost in trying to do too much in the little time I have.
So, sometime a more compelling approach I take is to focus on details.
This morning, I was playing with an old idea: what if a MOTU movie was designed like a big classical fantasy movie? I mean something elegant and magical like The Lord of the Rings.
What He-Man harness could look like? And then I doodled this :D

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Cocoasmooth said...

Very beautiful and elegant.

Anonymous said...

Certainly it's a gorgeous work; no doubt... Your attention to details (including your style)is simply mind boggling.
I believe things like that piece could actually attract Hollywood producers to hand you the dream job you've been looking for!

Please don't stop drawing those master pieces Emiliano. :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, that looks great!!! I've always felt that Matty and Scott were nuts to not include you (with a job, of course) in the creative side of MOTU. Lets hope someone on the movie side doesn't make the same mistake. Your input would be so valuable.

- Zap Rowsdower

Nefty said...

I LOVE that it retains the Iconic Iron Cross shape but it's NOT an Iron Cross at the same time.

Mr. Shokoti said...

I like it. It's faithful but is "realistic" enough for Hollywood. Unfortunately I have a feeling if we get a new MOTU movie, it will look more like the designs Mattel is pushing in the awful DC Comics. Everyone wears metal armor so it looks like DC's New 52 crossed with a sci-fi movie.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely incredible! Your abilities and insight always makes me wish you were a part of Mattel's current work on MOTU.

Anonymous said...

Really eye catching work. Loved it.

Amal said...

intersting as work .

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