The 2002 Comic Bible

After a long wait, I finally decided to make the 2002 comic bible public for all fans to read.

A few words about this bible and its history:
The original document was written by me with revisions by Val Staples and James Eatock in January 2008.
That means it's a document written outside the license, there is nothing official about it and it was never submitted to Mattel for approval. By all means, it's an unofficial collection of informations and ideas that was typed outside any kind of relationship with Mattel.

But although it was written years after the MVC license was expired, it collected mostly ideas and concepts I had developed for the MVC MOTU Comic book. Despite none of those ideas being put on paper or ever submitted to Mattel, almost all the plans for the comic presented in this document are indeed what we wanted to tell on the book at that time, they had all been developed by me (some even before my involvement with the 2002 comic) and it was established that we would have continued the comic with my story, giving me almost full freedom to write it. There was no pitching, no official approval process on MVC part. Just the regular back and forth on what to do next and how between me and Val. This is confirmed by this interview where Val Staples himself states this were indeed the official plans for the comic.
What happens in Vol 3 of the comic is also based on these concepts.

The document was printed and sent to the MOTU brand manager in good faith, to offer an idea of what at-the-time-in-developement new MOTU line (which eventually become MOTU Classics) could have been.
 I know for a fact there is no ground to prevent me from publishing my ideas.

The bible is a very bare bones document, nothing fancy and with images reused from other sources. It was never intended to be an engaging fiction, but just a collection of informations presented under a unifying concept that could have been used to create a spin-off/reboot of the MOTU brand.
It must be also noticed this was specifically written around the 2002 canon. Meaning that it isn't necessary my ultimate take on MOTU, just what we planned and would have done in that continuity.

I hope you enjoy it! To read the bible, click on the link below:

(if you're on a mobile device, I suggest to use your browser to read it and not the Blogspot app or Facebook app.)

If you can't access the document on Google Docs, also try this: ALTERNATE LINK

Also, He-Man fan Telkan2 compiled a list of info we leaked over the course of several years. It contains extra tidbits not present in the bible. You can check out his list here

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adam said...

Very happy to see this grand occasion finally come to pass Emil where a wide range of MOTU fans young and old will get the chance to read what many consider THE definitive back bone of a successful MOTU storyline.

Anonymous said...

I can't quite believe I'm finally reading this, I've been waiting so long to read it ever since the ToyFair article. Thanks you so much for posing it :)

J-F said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you! Thank you! So much for sharing this with us, Emiliano.
Can We have link where We can download it. I really like read this in my iPad.

Anonymous said...

WOWOWOW... Thank you so much Emiliano. It's gonna take me awhile to read it, but I'll definitely go through it all eventually on my free time.
What a great gift from the ultimate super MOTU fan (you) to all MOTU fans out there! It's simply an honor to have you on our side brother. :-)


Emiliano said...

The link seems to work fine using blogspot app on iphone and through facebook on mobile devices, but then it's hard to navigate.
Ma suggestions is, if you're using a mobile device, use your browser to navigate in the blog, and by cliking on the link a new page in google docs should open with all the pages on the left.

The PDF is currently on google docs, by accessing it from a desktop computer should allow you to download it.
I'll see if there is something I can do to make the reading easier on mobile devices.

M. L. Martin said...

Be sure you're logged into Google Docs.

I've heard some of this from the Tidbits thread. There's a lot of promise to it, but I also have to agree with Scott that it sometimes tries too hard (identifying He-Ro and King Grayskull, making Hiss Zilora's son), and I can see where the Filmation episodes would be problematic, considering the tangle of rights that existed at the time. On the whole, it's not how I would have approached 200X, but it would have been great to see even if I didn't agree with everything.

And there's a whole lot of stuff here that I've seen again in the bios, and I'm not at all certain it's coincidence. There are points of difference, too (Marzo stands out most especially). We'll see what the Unnamed One's bio says when he gets released next year.

Mr. Shokoti said...

I need to set aside some time to read this thoroughly, but 2 things you mentioned that Mattel said ticked me off:

1) "too much Filmation"

Filmation & MYP are the only 2 traditional canons for Masters Of The Universe with any longevity(Pre-Filmation was only 4 mini-comics, the regular comics were either based on Filmation/MYP or unavailable in all countries, and NA deviated too much from MOTU). Since MYP had just died, how would your using the most popular canon in your bible be a bad thing?

2) "too complicated"

If your bible is too complicated, what are the MOTUC bios(told out of order, often contradict themselves, and are poorly structured) and the current DC Comic(its first 6 issues featured all of the characters without their memories in status quos that didn't resemble MOTU at all)? That doesn't make sense at all.

M. L. Martin said...

To avoid ending on a negative note, I am very glad to see this, and have been awaiting it for years. And it makes Vol. 3 of the comic more interesting and filled-in in retrospect.

It's also better than the bios or the DC comic--and those are far worse when it comes to "trying too hard" than anything you ever wrote. :) Damning with faint praise, maybe, but this is just a rough outline. It's got a lot of potential and would have filled in the background nicely.

(I just discovered your blog, BTW, and a note from your discussion of MotU relaunches on March 27th--I think "Hero and the Land of Legend" has more connections to MotU than Scheimer remembers. The Saurians sound like the Dino-Reptilian Kingdom, and it's got He-Ro's "power phrase" from the 1987 style guide. See Creating the Filmation Generation, p. 271)

Anonymous said...

Holy.....I never realized that the tower of the Council of Elders looked like the spitting image of Central Tower!

Emiliano, thank you for bringing that to my attention!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for finally releasing this....I wish you success and peace:)

Melmoth666 said...

Hi Emiliano,

This is great work. This bible is the logical successor to MOTU...its a shame that the majority of it has been abandoned, and what has been retained has just been used like patchwork---trying to repair the existing plot holes. Good work sir, and a shout out to James and Val too...you guys did a bang-up job here.

Anonymous said...

Sour grapes. It's sad how you constantly whine about Scott and Val. Can't you go on with you life and MOTU fandom without sounding like a bitter ex-girlfriend?

Emiliano said...

Hey Anymous ;)
I go ahead with my life, but why giving up the pleasure and the fun of being a pain in the butt of those guys?

Why don't you back to your master Val and tell him to give me back what he stole instead of coming here to say silly stuff like that? :D

Anonymous said...

It's great to finally read the bible.

The He-Ro becoming King Grayskull bit would have made King Grayskull easier to swallow for those of us who hated the fact that He-Ro was basically replaced in MYP.

This direction would have definitely made me enjoy the 200x era a little bit more, but not all that much.

There was just too much crap in the 200x era to work around it to ever make it any good, but you had to work with what was established I guess.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for looking out for all of us fans and for being a champion of free speech and openness! I notice Val and Scott are both quick to have posts removed that shine light upon their dark deeds. I am so glad you aren't remotely like them.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a future bullet points of all the overlap between your comic bible and MOTUC? I think it would be interesting to see just how much of it does line up.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so sad that Val made a deal with the devil (Scott), and he may have to pay the price for it eventually! The Org now feels like a fascist police state!

I really don't know how tough Val's position was, but he shouldn't have abandoned his long term friend Emiliano under any circumstances that were caused by Mattel. Again, sooo sad.


Anonymous said...

Excellent work with the bible!! Only have an objection: I believe that King Grayskull as concept and as a character was very interesting and his episode was perhaps the most interesting of the 200X series and was connected very well with the barbaric past (both fictional and editorial) of He-man. He-Ro on the other hand not so much. I mean the guy is a wizard and he doesn't even have any ressemblance with He-man. So in my opinion, it works better keeping He-Ro and King Grayskull as seperate characters (somehow like Merlin and King Arthur or Gandalf and Aragorn). At the same time He-Ro could remain an ancestor of He-man making his daughter/son being married with one of King Grayskull's descendents and reuniting the two boodlines. Also i think that the Green Goddess and Teela would work better as seperate entities without interfering with Teela's destiny as Future Sorceress/Queen of Eternia. But this off course is only my point of view. Thank you very much again for posting the bible and for all of your excellent work with MOTU.

Anonymous said...

I do have to agree with the comment that you bashing Scott and Val is getting old. It IS getting old. If Val "stole" from you, get a lawyer. Otherwise, posts like this on your very informational and fun-to-read blog is just bringing things down. Get over it, Emil...

Emiliano said...

Again, let just me laugh at this kind of comment.
It's really stupid to say i'm "bashing Val".
Val is saying a lie, Scott has done some bad stuff.
That is not bashing, that is stating facts.

And what is old is me pointing it out the crap?
Anynymous, why instead of telling me to get over it don't you go to Val and demand him to stop telling lies or censoring people? I think that is much worst than me "bashing".

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thank you so much for posting this! I continue to share the saga of what you have gone thru to anyone who will listen - and for all your haters, screw them! It is clear from your posts here, those older ones on the ORG and The Foundation that no one loves, appreciates and understands the depths of the Masters canon more than you! Keep spreading the truth and tell me where to donate so I can get my volume 2 hardcover from the Foundation! I'm a huge fan sir!

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of people calling Scott Neitlich the devil. That is incredibly mean and insulting towards Satan.

Anonymous said...

Its great to finally read this so thanks for posting it. I am surprised just how much of this is actually already in the MVC Comic Collected Information thread on the Org.

With regards to Tri-Klops once being a Guardian of Grayskull, I take it he's lost his memory or something doesn't remember he's a GoG? Also does Duncan, Dekker or Illumina know he was GoG?

Anonymous said...

Personally, I've never liked Val. Everything he does rubs me the wrong way. I never go to the org anymore. Between him and the moderators, the fun has been sucked out of it. I can't even do the RGD podcast anymore either. Between his stupid cat meowing (which is NOT funny) and the uncomfortable laughing by the other three like it is to the changing of opinions to fit Val 's ideas. That happens often. Here's an example: lets say Danielle ( but they all do it. I'm not picking on her) says for like three what she believes about a certain topic to be true. Then Val will disagree and give a few seconds worth of rebuttal to which she will immediately change her opinion and say he's right. They're afraid to disagree with him. Sometimes, I even get the feeling he's tired of talking about MOTU and changes the subject to something that has nothing to do with the brand, like his dumb cat.
Also, he looks like my forth grade teacher Sister Grace. I'm not kidding. I first saw his face a few moths ago when they shot video of him in Germany. I immediately called my wife into the room and said, "who does this look like you?" She was like, "Oh my God! Sister Grace".
If he truly has any friends, they need to tell him to cut his hair. He looks like an old nun.
So, in summation, from his ridiculous hair to his utter ruining of the org and obsequious dedication to Scott, I can't understand how this guy has any followers or people willing to defend him left.
Keep up the good work, E.
People know who the real super fan is. The dude that said your picking on Val is getting old or whatever is probably Val anyway.
Go pet your cat, Val.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Why are people talking badly about Val? I've been to the org many times and don't find it to be a bad place. If anything some of the other users there are pretty negative from time to time, but I've always found the staff to be pretty good. Val personally helped me and many other fans out back about a decade ago to get ahold of the 200x Keldor. The RGD is a lot of fun, sure they get carried away and silly sometimes, but it's a fan podcast so no big deal. And the guy making fun of Val's appearance, what are you, in 3rd grade? That's just juvenile. Emil and Val are both huge fans and great talents, and like him or not Scott is a guy who has done a lot of positive for the brand. It's a shame there can't be a reconciliation here. Anyway, support the line, sub up for 2014!

Emiliano said...

LOL, I can understand disagreeing on talking bad about Val, but asking Why? C'mon, all of us offered plenty of reasons. It's like admitting you haven't read a word of what has happened in a year :D

Alsol everything is okay, but please don't come here with the "support the line, buys a sub etc." I don't support the line, I 'm a customer and I buy a product if I want it. And I've already bought 2 subs more than a months ago :)

Nefty said...

This was an interesting read. I'm not a fan of everything, but then again; I'm not a fan of MOST of the MOTUC Canon either. I MUST point out that the whole He-Ro learning lessons was what I loved the most. I know it's a nod to filmation, but I miss the 'moral lessons' from the 80s. (I get my fill of lessons with a Cartoon for Little Girls from Hasbro, but having them in MOTU stuff make them more special to me.)

Anonymous said...

Dear Emiliano,

Thank you SO MUCH for releasing this MVCreations series Bible !

I read it all, and I must say that I'm very pleased with it ! At least, it creates a CONSISTENT STORY and gives LOGICS to events, places, characters and timelines !

It is certainly a MUCH BETTER story than the one being told through the MOTUC bios...

I was also happy to learn about the Unnamed One (Nordor). I'm curious to know whether Toyguru kept the same story for this character, or changed the whole plot and character...

Finally, I can only feel contempt fo people coming here to complain about your opinion about Val Staples and Scott Neitlich (Toyguru). You have very valid reasons to be angry with them, as do some of the fans. He-Man.org has turned into a boot-lickers club where censorship is now the rule. I also fins very pathetic that people feel the need to come here (of all places !) to try to promote the 2014 sub. This is normally Matty and Toyguru's job !

Anyway, thank you very much Emiliano for posting this bible! It was a very untesring piece to read, and I even think this could be a good background for movies scripts...

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate what you have done/tried to do for MOTU. I enjoyed the MV creations comic immensely, and I think that you were responsible for most of the good stuff in there. I've been waiting to read this for years, and I really like how you've tried to tie it all together. I think this story works WAY better than the MOTUC bios.

Anyway, I look forward to the day that Mattel realizes they're idiots, and puts you in charge of MOTU. Keep telling the truth!

Anonymous said...

...Big thanks for posting this! I printed it out and added it to my "MOTUC BIBLE" notebook as a resource (it's where I keep the bios, maps, ect.)! Lots of very cool and interesting ideas! My only personal preference is that I prefer the idea of He-Ro and Grayskull as seperate characters! Great work and thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

found this http://www.motula.org/t6642-entrevista-exclusiva-con-val-staples#126822

Emiliano said...

There had to be some damage control after the censoring on He-Man.org :D
But overall, it's a good thing, because he's presenting things differently and not straight out lying.
He is basically confirming everything, which is good.
Of course, since I'm the usual negative nancy, here is a very contraddicting point:

"From what I gather, they did not want the document released so they could avoid having a conflicting canon story debuting while the MOTUC canon was being established. And that's okay. It is their property, after all. So, I won't post or link to the bible."

Makes no sense. Because the story was already out there with the 2002 cartoon, and my bible is just an expansion/behind the scene look at that.
If Mattel didn't want conflicting stories, why publishing the 2002 DVD the same year MOTUC was launched? ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems liked Val still not want face reality...at all.

Anonymous said...

That interview linked above is absolutely fucking ridiculous. Val completely contradicts himself based on what he said directly after the series ended.

Does Val know his MTV Geek and Marvel "friends" know all about CrossGen and him not paying people and aren't exactly honest to him? It's kind of silly. He gets gigs coloring because of who he knows (Kentucky... what other famous comic people are from there... hmm) and brags about his work online... but anytime his name comes up it is never the quality of his work, it seems all anyone wants to talk about is Emil vs Val and the checks he still needs to cut.

Anonymous said...

Emiliano - you are the voice and curator of MOTU fandom. 4H know that and the longest serving fans know that.

Neitlich jumped on your shoulders, assumed your knowledge then proclaimed himself a long time fan.

Anyway, that aside, I'm glad you have a great job with Hasbro - one Val will never land with Mattel no matter what his bootlicking level becomes.

Also, nice to see Powercon look like a damp squib failure this year, compared to previous years. Val needs to wake up.

Barbecue17 said...

Hey man!

I just found this site tonight while looking for some Castle Grayskull info. I had wondered where you went but I'm glad you're doing well. I can't believe that this is available! I've had the issue of ToyFare where you talked about this on my magazine shelf for quite some time and have always dreamed about reading this. I'll be checking it out Asap!

Thank you, sir!