Bludgeon tech specs art

An unusual job for me at Hasbro: boxart!
The team needed a new illustration to complete the Tech Specs on the back of the box for the 2013 Transformers San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives Bludgeon and I was privileged to provide it!
The requirement was to make the illustration looking like the vintage Transformers box art as much as possible.
To achieve that, working digitally, I used realistic airbrushes in Painter and added noise in Photoshop.
Then I also tried to "age" the colors a bit, so there would be a hint of green in some grays and a hint of yellow in thew withes.
Despite the actual figure being a G.I.Joe repaint, I was asked to reference more the original toy and the old Marvel comics.
This is the result!

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Unknown said...

im guessing the toy will be a repaint of the rotf figure
i dont really pay much attention to sdcc but its cool to see some cool colors on him, seems a bit G2ish

Emiliano said...

The toy was out at latest comic-con, he is a repaint of a G.I.Joe movie figure:

C.I.A.D. said...

Absolutely gorgeous. I have the set and have it displayed proudly on my book case. Well done, Emiliano!

Anonymous said...

Emiliano Santalucia's art is the blueprint for total passion displayed on one's work. Unlike those "brains" at Mattel ru(i)nning the MOTUC line (I'm not including the Fourhorsemen), Emiliano carefully studies the task at hand which leads to beautiful end results only at the reach of true artists. I'm comparing it to the MOTUC line because of the recent incidents, in particular with the Glimmer figure. There you can see the work of people who only care about being paid... some say we're lucky that Mattel is giving us this line... well not me! I'm officially quitting on these guys, I've had enough of their blunders (blastic, reversed limbs, bad designing translation from prototypes)! If you guys think that Hydron will have his fat suit fixed then better think again. Just ask good old Sea Hawk... pretty cool huh? Yeah, they just don't care...

Anonymous said...

Love it!

You just nailed it to retro!
Great to see that noisy texture over it, the slightly anatomical mistakes on the skull. all the gloss effects that shout "oh look i tried some airbrush!". AND the color scheme!
all together, that totaly remembers me of old boxart for toys and (especially) for video games!


Unknown said...

oh i see so it doesnt transform... well that makes me a little sad