Transformers Generations Waspinator

Following the previous post about the Generation figures I designed (also visible here), here comes Waspinator!
I could almost do copy and paste from the Rhinox's post:
I worked on these with Joe Kyde. The process was pretty straight forward, so there aren't other sketches of alternate versions.
Both bot and alt mode translated wonderfully to toy form, I'm so proud!

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Anonymous said...

Man, every time I see your work, I keep realizing how idiotic Mattel is for not giving a serious talent like you a chance to be part of their design teams, not that you need them anyways!
I'm glad to see a company like Hasbro is investing in you already.



Anonymous said...

I like this Waspinator ! I like the robot form AND the wasp form !

I'm not such a big TF fan, but I might get a couple... I saw several of your redesigns, Emiliano. I must admit I liked many of them.

If this Waspinator is released soon, I might buy one. Now, I'd like to see the colors that this Transformers figure will get... ;-)