Atlantic Galaxy's Dynatlon

You know what? To the hell with all the crap!
Yeah, I spend my time much better than dealing with that mess all the time

Do you remember Skyman?
Here is another piece I did based on the Atlantic Galaxy series, Dynatlon!

And here is the original figure he is based on:

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Barbecue17 said...

I've never heard of this toy before. It's really cool looking and your art really does a nice job of adding detail and texture to it while keeping the original design. I love how h's shiny and reflective!

Anonymous said...

I honestly careless for the actual figure itself, I love aliens in general, and that figure is kinda so so, but man, that art is simply exquisite!



Unknown said...

Very beautiful and a good match with the previous one.

Are the chosen colors based on experiment or perhaps a homage to something else?

More please!

Anonymous said...

I remember I had this toy, once...

My brother had the marine creature. But the color scheme of my figure was different was different from the one shown here.

What these figures lacked was more colours and paint. Your artwork really brings them to a whole different level of quality !

I really enjoy your vision of these figures, Emiliano !

And I can't help but wonder : did you ever try to create your own characters, vehicles etc. ? I bet you'd be able to create an excellent line of toys !

Thank you for sharing this new piece of art !

Shawn (aka Fallen Eldor) said...

Never seen this stuff before Emiliano posted it. I'm loving your interpretations of these guys.

How many more do you plan?

Anonymous said...

Awesome E!

This guy looks amazing & the metallic rendering you've done is superb!

You've truly captured the imaginary essence of the toy and made him REAL.

Thanks for sharing!