MOTUC Fang Man

Last one for tonight!
After Shokoti and Madame Razz, I did 3 more Filmation characters and this is the first one: Fang-Man!
One more guy and one more girl coming tomorrow ! Now I'm off looking at MOTUC Granamyr pics!
-Updated with the accessories...-

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Hangman.EXE said...

I want this figure in the MOTUC line SOOOOOOooooo bad! Fang Man & Strong Arm.... NEED EM!

Shawn said...

Amazing as Always. Not sure if I feel the feet are a necessity.

I'd be curious what his bio would be. IIRC we don't see him come back with Skeletor to present Eternia. I've often wondered if his presence in the preternia era has something to do with the origins of the Snakemen? It would be interesting if members of the Snake Clan join him and they rediscover the Ancient Power of Serpos leading to the creation of the Serpents Ring and thus the origin of the Snake Men. I figure they evolve and eventually create the technology to expand their army to the stars. Eons pass, Hiss becomes ruler, and he returns to the home world to find that the Council Of Elders had taken over the planet...Any way sorry for the tangent. Can't wait to see what you have to say about Granamyr!

- Fallen Eldor

P.J. Gathergood said...

A very worthy - and practical - vision for a Filmation curiosity (Just as Lizard Man is often suggested to have come from an early concept of Whiplash - who was evil listed as a Heroic Warrior in some early outlines), it's been suggested over the years that Fang Man mighta been worked into Kobra Khan.

I'm not sure the feet quite "work" but the rest is top notch. Then again, I've just had to sell almost my entire MOC classics first editions, so looking at this stuff now almost makes me wanna weep.

Hangman.EXE said...

I would actually LOVE to see your take on a Strong-Arm as well Emiliano!

Anonymous said...

Oh man...this is beautiful, simply amazing.

Emiliano, when will you be doing Strong-Arm. Like the others have mentioned, we'd love to see your rendition of Strong-Arm.