MOTUC: Horde Invaders!

Some of you may remember an idea posted some time ago, about introducing in MOTUC two others body structures or "bucks", to allow a greater variety of figures and characters:

I had posted some figure designs based on these extra body bucks, including Ram Man, Tataran, Lizard Man and Prince Adam. But I also left the door open to even more reuse. One of the things I had in mind back then, was to create multipacks based on specifics episode of the cartoon. So why not a Horde Invaders 3-pack from The Origin of the Sorceress? This is just an example, but I plan to explore this idea further with more multipacks ideas!

That's it for today, I wish I had done more, but I couldn't, I'll try to catch up tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

2 thumbs up from orkothewizard :)

Anonymous said...

Emiliano I love the MOTUC visions you have been doing and can't wait for more of the Rebellion and Filmation characters but would like to make a request to see some NA characters get your special touch maybe Crita, Mara, Master Sebrian, or Sagitar.

slackrguy said...

Those're good. That trio is not a group I need to have in the MOTUC line to be happy, but your drawing is great.