MOTUC: Pilots! 1

Second round wating for SDCC reveals!
You probably have seen the Wind Raider Pilot when I posted my concept for the Water Rider. I promised to post it by himself and bigger.
Based on the generic pilot painted by William George on the famouse poster, a Wind Raider pilot could be a very ceahp figure to produce, with new parts being just the head and the armor. Replikor made a custom out of this design and used Icarius trunks instead of Man-E-Faces' ones. Those had not been sculpted yet when I drew the pilot, but I think the idea was awesome and I wish I had time to go back and modify my sketch!

Also, next to him, based on the Attak Track model kit box art by Monogram, the Attak Track driver! I tried to incorporate some of the AT stickers decoration in his armor, to link him more to the vehicle.

With these guys, we sorta have a hint of their look, and the fun was filling the blanks. I hope you'll enjoy looking at them as much as I enjoied drawing them!

Now you're asking for the others? Mmmmmm...

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slackrguy said...

They are both really cool looking Emiliano. I was unaware the Attack Trak had a driver on the box art. I think he's my favorite of the 2.

I don't have anyone piloting my Wind-Raider anymore. It was MAA, but then I took him out while moving things around and noticed the warping of his loin cloth. :( It happened with Adora too when I had her in it.

I think that the material used on Snout Spout's trunks wouldn't warp like the firmer plastic but I could be wrong. I'm hesitant to put anyone else in there. However, it is still a beautiful piece and I keep it posed as if it is in the shop being worked on. :D

Hangman.EXE said...
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Hangman.EXE said...

The Name of the artist that painted the 3 Monogram vintage Masters of the Universe Model kits is Larry Elmore.

He was best well known for his art for the DragonLance Fantasy book/ Role Playing Game series.

Unknown said...

Sign me up for both ! ;)

I always get excited with your images....However I wish they where legit prototypes of whats to come. Dont get me wrong I love 4H's work... but feel that Matty's engineering department jacks up some really important features.

Hangman.EXE said...

The custom of the figure done via your artwork was Replikor [me] over on He-Man.org

Emiliano said...

Cool, I'll change that in the post, thanks or letting me know!

Anonymous said...

I would DEFINATELY rather have these offered in a subscription, rather than Spector or Vykron or Laserlot.

Anonymous said...

Looks great. I really like the Wind Raider pilot. His mask has a almost Cobra Commander feel to it.

I also liked the custom Replikor did on the .org