Good old Kalamarr... er, Slush Head!

I finally got him yesterday, along with Stinkor and TMS (who went direclty in the storage room, nothing else to comment there, move on).

When a figure like Slush Head doesn't make me feel like I have something completely new and stranger in my hands, it's always a good thing.
He is defintely my ol' Kalamarr there, and the parts reuse didn't bother me much. 
The 4H are always very clever in reusing parts and find the most fitting solutions for everytime. When they are left at doing their job, we never get the same kitbash feeling we get with stuff like Sir Laser-Lot. You just don't see the reused part, you see the character.
Job accomplished!

BTW, I'm not trying to do a complete and in-depth review about him.  There are guys out there that can do a much better job than me .This is more about sharing my feelings and thought about a certain figure (or a beast or whatever). 

The inability of the head to rotate has been discussed at lenght by fans. I can't really see how the solutions suggested wouldn't have worked within Mattel's restrictive safety standards. Sometime it just feels the engineering work doesn't go the extra mile on these figures for whatever reason.
I won't break the tab holding the helmet in place on my figure just because, seeing myself as a sort of "historian", I prefer to keep they toys as they came out of the factory for the most part, to keep record of how something was actually produced.
But looking inside the armor, it doesn't look like breaking it would compromise the water tank. Don't quote me on that though, as I said, I won't be testing it.

The tentacles... Wait, did they tooled these things wrong again?!
I can see how the plugs for each tentacle is meant to be unique, so you can only plug in a specific tentacle on one side. But looks like they would be facing backwards, and to have them facing forward the only way is to swap them.
Of course, the plugs's shapes don't really match, so it's hard to keep them in place.

So, why every time they tool new left and right pieces something goes wrong?

Oh well.
For a moment I feared also that the gun couldn't be hold in Slush Head hands in Axe mode, but even with its rectangular shape, the handle fits in the hand nice and thight, so Slush Head can go chopping Galacting Guardians like in the old times

I also really like the solutions for the extra details on the arms. A much better way to execute this stuff than what was used on Vikron. Which makes me wondering more and more how much of that came from Mattel and what the 4H actually did (the design was executed at Mattel anyway).

The details and the extra paint jobs are nothing short I expect from the 4H as always, but I won't fill his helmet with water. I just refuse to trust the materials. Every day I say a little prayer to the First Ones and the Ancients for my Snout Spout!

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Andrew Cramer said...

Hey Emil
Firstly: Great to see the blog back!!
Secondly, love your thoughts on the Slush Head figure. Im still waiting for mine and altho Im not really a huge fan of NA I cant wait to get this in my hands! I hope mine has good tight joints (My Flipshot legs are so loose I can't display him especially with the heavy backpack)

I also like to keep them as original as possible. But alas Mattel keep making that harder to do. I keep feeling the need to 'fix' my figs lately.

Andrew Cramer said...

Hi Emil

Great to see the blog back!!

I love your thoughts on Slush HEad. I haven't got mine yet and even tho Im not a huge fan of NA I cant wait to get this in my hands. I hope it has good tight joints tho as my Flipshot has such loose legs he cant even stand properly especially with the backpack!

I also like to keep my figs as original as possible but lately Mattel is making that very hard and I feel a need to "fix" my figs :(

Oh and TMS will be going straight to my extras bin too... :D

MegaGearX said...

Great insights, Emi!

I think the factory workers get easily confused with new pieces such as new shoulders like King Hsss and Roboto or new legs altogether like Swiftwind.

Darkspecter said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed Slush Head's tentacles are tooled wrong (and it looks backwards when you put them on the correct way).

I do wish his head/dome could move. I do like him a lot though!