MOTUC: Modulok

After taking on The Rock People and the Energy Zoids, to me the most challenging design for the MOTUC line remained Modulok.
The visual were pretty straight forward: reproduce the vintage toy as much as possible and add the extra paint applications that would make him look a lot more like the Filmation version without changing the sculpt too much. So, I added more purple and black, with a different crotch piece to match the Filmation style.

But the most interesting part is how to make him fit the MOTUC repurposable parts library and still mantain the modularity and interchangeability.
To achive that, Mattel would need to develop a pegs/ports system based on what they did with Trap Jaw's shoulders. The majority of the new engineering would go into the new limb's articulation's discs and the torso/abdom/tail parts. Also, to keep the ball joint style of MOTUC articulation, we'd have a port where there was a peg in the vintage figure, and a peg where there was a port.

It would take quite a lot of work (here I can only suggest the idea, the actual engineering of the pieces isn't really my territory). And the end result would be a very expensive figure, probably around $45, but it could reuse a minimum of existing tooling and new parts could be added to the library for future reuses.
The best part for me is that with the inclusion of an extra leg, the Filmation version would be very easy to obtain, giving collectors the option to display Modulok in both modes (or even buy two of him to display both versions!)

5 commenti:

Novelty said...

I have no idea how many of this I'll buy... Maybe 10!

Hero_UK said...

Loved the Modulok toy back in the day. Hope he is revived at somepoint.

Hero_UK said...

Hope a new Modulok surfaces someday.

lombraña said...

Realmente genial!!

Anonymous said...

I really hope they make it like this! What do you think is the chance though they'd just use two-bad's torso for this?