Little update about Modulok's post

First of all, thanks to all expressed their appreciation for my sketch.
I been reading a couple of  fair criticims and questions and I wanted to quickly address them.

The neck piece.
Somebody suggested that it could do like a two-necks torso like Two-Bad. It could, but then you'd be stuck to the 2 heads configuration. To make the Filmation version or any of the other combinations, we'd still need to have a separate connector for the neck.

Eamon suggested to do it more like the Mer-Man neck piece. Again, that would work, but only for the neck. We wouldn't be able to reuse that connector with any other part of the body. I guess, to an extent, maybe just one of the connectors could be shaped differently, and maybe be an extra, so not defeating the purpose of making all the vintage transformations possible.
Anyway, the problem with the current neck piece is to make it able to conncet to any other part of the body, that's why it looks that way.

HM.org users Slackrguy is wondering if this design would allow for the same number of combinations of the vintage one.
Yes it would, the number of pegs and ports is exactly the same, so all the combinations of the vintage one are possible. I worked precisely toward that goal and I wouldn't have settled for less than that ;)

Thanks for reading!

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slackrguy said...


I don't know if you want comments on your posts because I didn't see any posted on your blog. I guess you can moderate this away if you choose to, and that's cool. :)

I dunno big guy, I think you may want to look at the pegs to slots distribution & placements in comparison construction possibilities. It may be easier to see it from the perspective I do that way.




You're design makes it difficult to have two distinct entities at once. (Namely one guy who stands upright and the 3-legged head thing at the same time)

Aaron (slackrguy)