MOTUC: Shokoti

Quick one today!
I had her on my schedule for a very long time and people kept asking me for her. I had another break from work, so it was the perfect time to finally put her on paper (or on Cintiq...)

Not a lot to add here, I went back and looked at Mark Taylor's art to add details to her.
Also, since there is nothing that could be used as an accessory in the cartoon episode, I thought it would be cool to have one of those "Darklings" maybe molded in soft plastic.
That's it, hope you will like her!

4 commenti:

slackrguy said...

Very nice! Great parts reuse, cool new parts (gauntlets?), and clever accessory.

Darkspecter said...

Very beautiful, Emiliano! I love all the details she has. I would like to see all Filmation characters that are introduced into MOTUC have this level of detail. :D

Anonymous said...

Very nice improvement to a hopeful Filmation character in the Classics line. As usual I love the attention to detail. The accessory is brilliant. What about a spell casting hand? I know she doesn't have a weapon. But the MOTU fandom likes extra accessories. What if Shokoti was packed with The Goddess weapon? It's a spear with a blade at the end of it. Just would need to recolor it. Anyway she looks terrific. Cheers...Jeff V.

Tazirai said...

I saw your TF thread on tfw2005, but im just as big a MOTU can as a TF fan. Great job. Been wantign a Shokoti for years.