Atlantic Galaxy's Sky Man

The Original Sky Man figure 
Screw it, last post provoked such mess that sucked all the joy of sharing the bible after all these years.

So, let's move on something else, possibly funnier
Does anybody remember the Atlantic Galaxy line? I bet most of you don't, they were cheap popular toys in Italy and France... But they were really interesting!
You can educate yourself about them on AtlanticGalaxy.com, the site is in Italian but the pics are not.

I never had them but I was always fascinated by them. Chatting about them with my friend Marco Failla  made me want to try to illustrate them. Not really an update, but trying give them some modern concept art flavor.

Even if I like the aliens and the robots more, the first once I did was Sky Man, and I loved to reproduce that really old sci-fi look while updating it with textures and extra details. If people like this one, I will do more. And maybe also try to do a more extreme update of them. What do you think?

Sky Man - Click on the image to enlarge

6 commenti:

Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the entity, but the art is so fabulous and majestic.
I'm really envious of your art skills. (in a good way of course)

Bring them on whenever you can maestro. :-)


Andrew Cramer said...

That looks great man! I checked outt he site. I hope you do more... :D

http://theartofgranamir.blogspot.it/ said...

Very cool! great characters and your interpretation is very original!
Please post other characters!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Emiliano !

I never heard of this toyline before, but you artwork looks definitely much better than these old "knock-off looking" figures !

I'd be interested in seeing more...

Anonymous said...

Sky Man's art by you. it's looks great.

Unknown said...

I like your update of Skyman and would be interested to see you update the entire line.